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Category: Destination

Göteborg & Co begins working with Mastercard to develop Gothenburg’s visitor industry

Destination · 2021-05-18

As part of its efforts to develop Gothenburg as the visitor destination of the future, Göteborg & Co has begun…

Meeting ambassadors create value in Gothenburg

Destination · 2021-04-08

Inviting colleagues from Sweden or the rest of the world to Gothenburg highlights research fields, builds contacts and initiates cooperation.…

Gothenburg focuses on hybrid experiences

Destination · 2021-03-30

The recent explosion in digital meetings and experiences can hardly have escaped anyone’s notice: Zoom and Teams meetings, digital training,…

Gothenburg Visitor Centre is closed

Destination · 2020-12-21

Following the announcement from the Swedish government and the public health authority about new restrictions, the Gothenburg Visitor Centre will…

Gothenburg, proud winner of the IAPCO Recognition Award

Destination · 2020-11-20

During Gothenburg Convention Bureaus annual members meeting, Gothenburg was awarded the IAPCO Driving Excellence Award. The award, nominated by IAPCO…

Lonely Planet: Gothenburg is the world’s best sustainable city to visit 2021

Destination · 2020-11-17

Gothenburg can now add another sustainability award to its list of accolades. Lonely Planet unveiled its Best in Travel 2021…

Martin Moses – A Feast for the Eyes

Destination · 2020-07-03

An otherwise unremarkable door in a workshop next to Gothenburg’s fishing harbour and auction market has attracted many elite chefs.…

A true fisherman’s tale

Destination · 2020-06-26

We were already doing this in the eleventh century – farming carp on land in combination with growing vegetables. “There’s…

Europe’s largest higher education conference to be held in Gothenburg

Destination · 2020-06-11

In September 2021 Gothenburg and Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre will be hosting the EAIE (the European Association for International…

Gothenburg aims to become Sweden’s first single-use free city centre

Destination · 2020-03-10

Disposable packaging may be convenient, but it results in large quantities of waste and litter. Now, the city of Gothenburg…

Gothenburg starts the year as Capital of Smart Tourism

Destination · 2020-02-12

For the whole of 2020 Gothenburg will be “European Capital of Smart Tourism” and will mark the year with a…

GBG talks – an initiative that brings strangers together in Gothenburg

Destination · 2019-12-16

During the weekend of 14–15 December an initiative that is part of Christmas City Gothenburg gave locals a chance to…