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Get to know Göteborg & Co

Göteborg & Co is the official destination management organisation of the City of Gothenburg and the metropolitan area. We act as a non-commercial and neutral party in the development of Gothenburg in tourism, events and meetings.

Vinga fyr

The mission of Göteborg & Co is to get more people to discover and choose Gothenburg. We do this through wide-reaching collaboration, by leading and promoting the development of Gothenburg as a sustainable destination, so that everyone who lives and works here benefits from a growing hospitality industry.

Why invest in the visitor industry?

Gothenburg benefits from the fact that visitors come to the region. It creates jobs and employment opportunities, and helps to make Gothenburg an even better city to live in and work in. The visitor industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and accounts for a significant proportion of Sweden’s economy and employment.

Growth does not happen by itself

For many years Gothenburg has been successful as a destination. Competition is growing sharply however; global demands are changing and new technology constantly brings new challenges. This places big demands on our ability to innovate and work together to create a destination that can quickly shift focus and readjust when global changes require the tourism map to be redrawn.

Göteborg & Co as a platform for collaboration

Collaboration is a key element if we are to continue growing and remain an attractive and competitive destination. Long-term partnerships between public and private stakeholders at local, regional, national and international level who share the business risks and enhance individual efforts are strong advantages of collaboration. Continuity is also essential to maximise impact. Göteborg & Co supports such efforts by acting as a platform for collaboration.

Tourism, Culture and Events cluster

Göteborg & Co is part of the Tourism, Culture and Events cluster, together with Liseberg amusement park, Got Event and Gothenburg City Theatre. Göteborg & Co is the parent company of the cluster. All four companies are owned by the City of Gothenburg.


Göteborg & Co is divided into eight departments/business areas,

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Annual and sustainability reports

Göteborg & Co's annual and sustainability reports tell the story of how we work for a sustainable growth of the…