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Every year since 1997, the Gothenburg International Science Festival Vetenskapsfestivalen creates meeting places for knowledge, inspiration and new perspectives. We love presenting science in creative and unexpected ways. On average, approx. 60,000 visits are made to the festival, which makes us one of Europe’s leading popular science events.

With hundreds of activities, an average of 60,000 visits a year and more than 1000 hours of science, the International Science Festival Vetenskapsfestivalen plays an important role in reaching out and interest in research and scientific subjects. The science festival functions as a platform for a large number of partners.

For the public, students and teachers

The International Science Festival Vetenskapsfestivalen consists of:

  • A public program: aimed at all curious people and is completely free and open to everyone
  • A school and teachers program: with lots of science activities, continuing education, workshops, laboratories, and much more, both on site in Gothenburg and digitally.

In collaboration with several organizations, the Trade and Industry Group at Gothenburg & Co is one of the initiators and trustees of the International Science Festival Vetenskapsfestivalen.

Contact us:

Jennie Turner

Operations Manager
+46 31 368 42 82

Jenny Hultén

Artistic director and program manager
+4673-986 43 21

Kennet Sundberg

+4670-248 63 41

Lisa Grettve

Communications officer
+46 722 55 84 25

Madeleine Koncilja

Program Manager and Producer
+46 31 368 42 84