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A sustainable destination by 2030 

The City of Gothenburg’s destination development programme.

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About Gothenburg City’s Destination Development Program 2023-2030

Gothenburg aims to be a sustainable destination for everyone: those who visit us, those who live here, and those who operate in the region. With a long-term destination development program, Gothenburg is one of the few destinations in the world that has been consistently and systematically working on sustainable development for such a long period.

Program Overview:

  • Promotes the development of a sustainable destination.
  • Serves as a long-term strategic guiding document that establishes a political direction for achieving strategic destination and tourism-related objectives.
  • Acts as a tool for the growth and development of the destination.
  • Includes clear goals, strategies, indicators, and metrics to measure progress.
  • Decided upon by the municipal council and applies to all departments and companies within Gothenburg City.

The Destination Encompasses the Entire Region

The destination of Gothenburg consists of all 13 municipalities in the Gothenburg region. Gothenburg aims to continue growing as a destination and develop a vibrant range of cultural, entertainment, and leisure activities that enhance value for visitors, businesses, and residents. The combined offerings of the 13 municipalities complement each other and strengthen the overall appeal of the destination.

Map illustration of the area covering Destination Gothenburg, from Stenungssund and Lilla Edet in the north to Kungsbacka in the south.

A Program That Meets the World

The digitalization, sustainable transition, and pandemic that have characterized recent years have presented new challenges for the traditional tourism industry. Significant shifts have been set in motion, and they are not slowing down. This means that the work on destination development has changed conditions. The program describes how the city will work on strategic destination and tourism-related issues in a concrete, long-term, and goal-oriented manner for the development of the Gothenburg destination.

Gothenburg & Co is responsible for coordinating, leading, and driving the realization and implementation of Gothenburg City’s Destination Development Program 2023-2030. The work is carried out collectively in close collaboration with relevant committees, boards, and numerous other stakeholders.

Program Vision: A Sustainable Destination 2030

The program’s vision has three main directions formulated based on and considering the three dimensions of sustainability – social, economic, and ecological.

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A welcoming and inclusive destination that offers something for everyone and treats everyone with respect.

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A growing and prosperous industry that creates employment due to increased demand.

Green two-dimensional icon of a hand holding a globe with a map pin in it.

An environmentally and climate-smart destination with a near-zero carbon footprint, where industry actors and visitors contribute to an ecologically sustainable destination.

The program vision consists of eight goals and four cross-cutting strategies. It encompasses the three perspectives: visiting, living, and working. The goals are measured and monitored through a set of indicators. The program vision also forms the basis for the action plans developed from the program.

Indicators and goal monotoring

Sustainable Transition in the City of Gothenburg

The City of Gothenburg’s ambition is for Gothenburg to be an equal and safe city where all residents are given influence and opportunities for participation. The environmental and climate ambitions are high, and one goal is to be a leader in the green transition.

The city’s budget highlights the short-term priorities.

The destination development programme creates conditions for the city and the tourism industry to jointly build a strong destination while also contributing to achieving the city’s long-term goals.

Åsa Borvén

Strategic Process Manager, Destination Development
+46 703 72 30 89