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Indicators and goal monitoring

Data is crucial for making well-informed decisions and driving change. Below, a selection of indicators is presented to help us evaluate the goals and progress in sustainable destination development.

The indicators are directly linked to the destination’s eight sub-goals, which, in turn, are connected to the three perspectives of living, working, and visiting within the framework of our goal: a sustainable destination 2030. All strategies, goals, and indicators are included in the Gothenburg City’s Destination Development Program 2023-2030, which is managed by Gothenburg & Co.

Qualitative and Quantitative KPI

The dashboard provides insights into how Swedish visitors to Gothenburg and residents of the 13 municipalities in the Gothenburg region perceive the destination of Gothenburg. It also provides an overview of the demand within the tourism industry. Please note that the quantitative indicator part of the dashboard is currently in beta version, and a more interactive version will be published soon.

The image above is a screenshot from the Power BI tool. Click on the image to view it in a larger format. An interactive version of the dashboard will be available shortly.

Environmental certifications: Type of certifications: Svensk Miljöbas, Svanen, ISO 14001, Green Key. |  The calculation is based on a sample of 58 hotels, that stands for 11 900 hotel rooms at the Gothenburg region. Smaller hotels (< 50 rooms) are not included.

Tourism supply & employment: The target related to employees in the tourism industry has been exceeded during 2022 on a regional level as an effect of the strong domestic recovery after the pandemic. However, the proportion of employees in the tourism industry out of all employees in the Greater Gothenburg Metropolitan area is the same as before the pandemic (2019 & 2022: 7%).

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