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Plan an Event in Gothenburg

Need to find a venue for events in Gothenburg? Interested in creating long-term, sustainable, and positive impact and legacy for your event? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will help you with everything you need to plan a successful event.

4 personer sitter i en festivalmiljö och planerar nästa steg.

A Sustainable Event - How to do it

Gothenburg & Co Events wants to provide attractive, unique and sustainable experiences for all. Just by choosing Gothenburg you get…

Collaboration with Göteborg & Co?

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Event Venues in Gothenburg

Are you looking for an event venue in Gothenburg? We've gathered the city's event venues on one platform!

Good to know

This is where to find all useful information about Gothenburg, including how to travel to the city and the best…

Events with Impact

Events can be a force for change that has effects on society and affects behaviors. The effects can change attitudes…