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Achieving a Gender Equal Event

Gothenburg is ready for a new era centered around gender equality. Hence, we have developed and introduced a concept for gender equal events, aiming for a 50/50 distribution between female and male acts in all aspects of an event.

Photo: Peter Kvarnström

In 2023, Gothenburg Culture Festival adopted this approach and achieved a 52/48 distribution in the booking and payment to female and male acts. This direction is grounded in the UN’s global goals and the City of Gothenburg’s equality plan, emphasizing the importance of equal participation and influence for all. Follow the checklist below to create a truly equal event.

Checklist for creating an equal event

Set Goals with a Focus on Equality

Aim for a 50/50 distribution in all aspects of the event, including employment, salaries, artist bookings, communication, and content.

Stage Representation

Ensure a balanced representation of women and men on your stages. Ensure that female and male artists receive equal playtime, visibility, and equitable placement in the program.

Budget Allocation

Distribute the budget evenly between genders. Particularly important to consider how front artists and other stage participants are compensated.

Inclusive Perspective

Recognize that gender is not always a binary category and that male/female can provide direction but is not a perfect measuring tool. Ethnicity, gender identity, expression, functionality, sexual orientation, religion, and age are all aspects of an inclusive perspective to keep in mind when designing an inclusive event environment.


Integrate equality messages in event communication and ensure the selection in communication represents 50/50. Use the event as a platform to drive issues that contribute to increased societal benefit.


Train staff and participants on the importance of equality and give them the tools to actively contribute to a more equitable event experience.

Method, Evaluation, and Development

Achieving equal events requires more than intuition; it needs a systematic method and structure. Göteborg & Co’s work shows that change is possible and necessary. This evolution is not only a triumph for equality but also a powerful demonstration of how events can act as catalysts for social change.

The future of equal events lies in cultivating an ecosystem where equality is the norm, not the exception. This includes strengthening and highlighting female talents, as well as continually broadening our understanding of equality. By continuously evaluating and developing our methods, it’s possible to build a more inclusive and representative event culture.

Filip Eklund

Sustainable Development Officer, Events
+46 31 368 42 78