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Here is contact information to our employees.

Alberto Araque

Tourist Information Officer and Distribution Officer

Alexsandra Flinck

Marketing Coordinator, Trade and Industry Group, and Unimeet Gothenburg

Amanda Båmstedt

Digital Communications Officer

Anders Fahl

Anna Hylander. Foto.

Anna Hylander

Project Manager, Association Meetings

Anna Mjörnvik

Project Manager, Gothenburg Culture Festival

Annelie Karlsson

Head of Unit, Gothenburg Visitor Centre and Project Manager, Gothenburg Archipelago

Annika Hagberg

Environmental Specialist

Annika Hallman

Head of Meetings/Convention Bureau

Annika Lotzman Sandelind

Events Development Officer, Annual Cultural and Music Events

Åsa Borvén

Strategic Process Manager, Destination Development

Åza Rydberg

Project Manager, ParaPuls-festival

Bernadett Pakucs

Birgitta Bergerlind

Birgitta Bergerlind

Project Manager, Unimeet Gothenburg

Birte Niederhaus

Concept Development Officer, Gothenburg Culture Festival

Camilla Rådsjö


Camilla Simonsson

Head of Finance and Operations

Charlott Holmåker

PR Manager, Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Charlotta Frantzich

Project Manager International Championships

Christian Westerberg

Project Manager, Trade and Industry Group

Christina Bonnevier

Tourist Information Officer, Digital Communications Officer, Coordinator

Daina Sakars

Project Coordinator

Elin Carlsson Ahlbeck


Elisabeth Pfannenstil

Financial Officer

Elisabeth Rönngren

Tourist Information Officer and Advertisement Officer

Elpida Pehlivanidou

Project Administrator & Cruise Coordinator
Elvira Sandell

Elvira Sandell

Graphic Designer and Digital Communications Officer

Emma Backman

Digital Communications Officer

Eva Lehmann

Head of Unit, PR, Campaigns and Travel Trade

Filip Eklund

Sustainable Development Officer, Events
Fredrik Lundgren. Foto.

Fredrik Lundgren

Project Manager, Association- and Corporate Meetings

Fredrik Sandsten

Key Account Manager, Recruitment of Music, Culture, and E-sport Events

Helena Lindqvist

Head of Marketing and Communications
Helene Brynfeldt. Foto.

Helene Brynfeldt

Marketing Coordinator, Meetings/Convention Bureau

Jamie Dotevall Banks

Coordinator, Meetings/Convention Bureau

Jane Johnzon

Concept Development Officer, Gothenburg Culture Festival

Jennie Borglund

Head of Unit, International Science Festival

Jennie Heidenfors

Head of Unit, Projects/Events

Jenny Hultén

Artistic Director and Program Manager, International Science Festival

Jesper Pamp

Strategic Planning Manager

Jessica Westh

Business Developer, Shopping and Seasonal themes

Johan De Paoli

Digital Concept Development Officer

Johanna Wallin

Data Protection Officer

Kajsa Ottis

Producer, International Science Festival

Karin Richardsson

HR Business Partner

Katarina Thorstensson

Sustainability Strategist

Kennet Sundberg

Producer, International Science Festival

Khalid Abadir

Host Officer and Administrator, International Science Festival

Kristian Ferrara

Events Development Officer, New Event Places and Events in the Public Space

Kristin Mari Riera

Project Manager, Trade and Industry Group

Linda Hunevik

Executive Assistant
Linda Nordberg. Foto.

Linda Nordberg

Communications officer, Meetings/Convention Bureau

Linn Enckell

Communications Officer, Gothenburg Culture Festival
Lisa Ehn. Foto.

Lisa Ehn

Project Manager, Association- and Corporate Meetings

Lisa Grettve

Communications Officer, International Science Festival and Events

Louise Parra Karlander

Head of Unit, Inhouse

Madeleine Eriksson

Events Development Officer, Elite Sports and Annual Events

Madeleine Eriksson

Events Development Officer, Annual Sport Events and Legacy

Madeleine Koncilja

Program Manager and Producer, School Program, International Science Festival

Magnus Hallberg

VP and Head of Events

Malin Engelbrecht

Head of Trade and Industry Group

Malin Fallgren

Communications Officer, Gothenburg Culture Festival

Maria Bergman

Head of Human Resources

Maria Cylvén

Tourist Information Officer
Maria Särnholm. Foto.

Maria Särnholm

Marketing Coordinator, Meetings/Convention Bureau

Marina Lindholm

Team Leader, Gothenburg Visitor Centre

Minh Brodin


Monika Stradner

Purchasing and Contract Specialist

Ninna Kvarnby

Team Leader Contact Centre and Coordinator

Ossian Stiernstrand


Pauline Modig-Pontois

Communications Officer, Corporate Communication

Peter Kvarnström

Graphic Designer and Image Editor

Petra Gamerdinger

PR Manager, Germany, USA, Sweden, Travel Trade

Petra Johansson

Tourist Information Officer and Coordinator

Sara Brankell

Key Account Manager, Recruitment of Sport Events

Sara Ohlsson

Project Assistant

Sarah Marting

Head of Unit, Events Development

Sebastian Frank


Sebastian Isometsä

Payroll and HR Administrator

Sofi Strömberg

Planning Manager

Sofia Berntsson

Strategic Development Manager, Destination Development

Sofie Mantzaris

PR Manager UK and Concept Developer for Food

Stefan Gadd

Press Liaison Manager

Stina Bengtsson

Project Manager, Digital Development

Therese Brusberg

Head of Destination Development
Therése Looström

Therése Looström

Communications Strategist
Ulrika Scoliège. Foto.

Ulrika Scoliège

Project Manager, Association Meetings