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Göteborg & Co is divided into eight departments/business areas,


The Events business area is tasked with strengthening and driving Gothenburg as an event city by strategically developing and facilitating sustainable events in sport and the arts. The business area comprises four units: Acquisition and salesEvents developmentProjects and Science Festival.

As a business area, Events has high ambitions in terms of social, environmental and economic sustainability, and awarding events environmental diplomas is a key tool in this respect. We strive to minimise the negative impact of events on the environment and people, to have a positive impact on society, stakeholders and the local economy, and to leave behind lasting positive effects for the city and the region.

Read more about how we are working to become a sustainable event city

Contact information for the Events department

Meetings/Convention Bureau

The Meetings business area markets and sells Gothenburg as a destination to decision makers, mainly for international scientific and political meetings, congresses and conferences and major business meetings. We also inspire and support more people in marketing the city and encourage meetings to be held in Gothenburg, either in person or as hybrid or digital meetings with the city as their base. We also help the university, municipalities, government agencies and companies to use meetings to highlight their activities. Local cooperation is encouraged in forums in which the public sector, the business community and academia can come together and agree on joint measures in broad collaboration. Alongside world-class sustainability, these are important ingredients and fundamental elements of Gothenburg Strategic Plan for Meetings.

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Contact information for the Gothenburg Convention Bureau

Trade and Industry Group

The Trade and Industry Group is a collaboration platform between businesses, organizations, municipalities and academia aiming to strengthen and develop Gothenburg’s competitiveness and attractiveness. By creating new structures for cooperation, initiating new projects and making Gothenburg visible, the Trade and Industry Group wants to make a real difference for people and businesses in the region.

Contact information for the Trade and Industry Group

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing & Communication department nurtures and develops all the brands of the destination and the company and provides services before, during and after the visit. Satisfied visitors are our best ambassadors and we are keen to make it easier for everyone who loves Gothenburg to join us in creating the destination’s brand. 

The Marketing & Communication department has three units: Team Strategy, Team PRIn-house and Visitor Services. Together we support our partners by providing destination communication tools as well as advice and support.

Contact information for Marketing and Communication

Destination Development

The Destination Development department leads and coordinates our work to sustainably maintain and strengthen the destination’s and the company’s leading position for a sustainable destination development, both locally and internationally. The department focuses mainly on digital development, analysis and monitoring of the external environment, gathering key issues related to city and place development, accessibility, and attractiveness for the destination.

Contact information for Destination Development

Finance, Operational Management and HR

In many ways, the company’s most important departments, keeping track of our finances, contracts, invoicing and payroll. They also deal with personnel management, employment and health and safety at work.

Contact information for Finance and HR

Management Office

The company’s senior management team is responsible for overarching business development and specific strategic projects and collaborations. The management team comprises the heads of the respective business areas and staff functions. The CEO has overarching responsibility for all staff.

Contact information for the Management team


Göteborg & Co is owned by the City of Gothenburg and is the parent company of the Tourism, Culture & Events cluster. The cluster’s four subsidiaries are Liseberg AB, Got Event AB, Stadsteatern i Göteborg AB and Göteborg & Co. Its Board is appointed by Gothenburg City Council.


Leif Pagrotsky (S) Chair
Thaher Pelaseyed (V) 1st Vice Chair
Stefan Svensson (M) 2nd Vice Chair
Marie Zachrisson (L)
Renas Mustafa (S)
Ingrid Bexell Hulthén (MP)
Johanna Holmdahl (KD)
Gitte Caous, co-opted The Gothenburg Region (GR)


Josef Akar (S)
Hanna Friberg (M)
Peter Hedlund (V)

Employee representatives

Petra Gamerdinger, Göteborg & Co
Mikael Persson, Got Event
Bosse Nordlander, Liseberg

Maria Bergman

Head of Human Resources
+46 31 368 40 74