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Göteborg & Co is owned by the City of Gothenburg. The company’s mission is to market and support the development of Gothenburg as a city for tourism, events and meetings, in broad collaboration with other stakeholders.

Göteborg & Co is also the parent company of the Tourism, Culture and Events cluster. This cluster includes Liseberg AB, Got Event AB, Stadsteatern i Göteborg AB and Göteborg & Co.

Collaboration with private industry takes place through a platform for collaboration – the Visitor Industry Forum.

The cluster is informally managed by a council of CEOs from each cluster company.



Jonas Ransgård (M) Chairman
Eva Flyborg (L) 1st vice Chairman
Alice Vernersson (V) 2nd vice Chairman
Kurt Eliasson (S)
Anna Karin Hammarstrand (D)
Madeleine Jonsson (MP)
Linnea Wikström (S)


Sarah Ullmark (M)
Jan Nilsson (S)
Thaher Pelaseyed (V)

Employee representatives

Petra Gamerdinger, Göteborg & Co
Mikael Persson, GotEvent
Bosse Nordlander, Liseberg


The management has an overall, long-term strategic responsibility for developing Gothenburg as a destination. The management is also responsible for general business development and certain strategic projects and partnerships. It consists of managers from each of the business areas and teams. The CEO has overall responsibility for all staff.

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