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Göteborg & Co strives to develop Gothenburg a sustainable destination by taking financial, environmental and social responsibility, and by constantly challenging accepted ideas of sustainability. In collaboration with other stakeholders in the visitor industry, Göteborg & Co contributes to a vibrant Gothenburg that offers sustainable, attractive and unique experiences.

One result of our efforts is that Gothenburg has been ranked the world’s most sustainable destination by the Global Destination Sustainability Index, for seven years.

Göteborg & Co applies an environmental management system, which is certified according to the Swedish standard “Svensk miljöbas” (current certificate valid until May 2024). The company’s environmental plan is reviewed annually and has long-term goals that align with the city’s environmental and climate programme and the Paris Agreement.

Sustainability strategies

The sustainability efforts of Göteborg & Co are based on three company-wide strategies that interact and reinforce each other:

  • We will set an example and lead the way through our actions and our resourcefulness.
  • We will encourage and challenge the destination’s stakeholders and partners to develop in a sustainable direction.
  • We will inspire and help visitors to enjoy the destination’s attractions sustainably.

Göteborg & Co’s key sustainability areas

Göteborg & Co has three prioritised sustainability areas with focus points. These areas and focus points were identified and prioritised based on stakeholder expectations, the City’s ownership directive and the company’s impact and ability to influence.

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A welcoming and inclusive destination

Everyone who visits or lives in Gothenburg should feel that they are part of the city and that the meetings and events that take place here are also for them. Göteborg & Co aims to make events and experiences in Gothenburg accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, beliefs, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, age and language. The company must help to ensure that experiences are safe and secure.

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A growing and healthy destination

The mission of Göteborg & Co is to make Gothenburg an attractive and sustainable metropolitan region where ideas, businesses and people grow together. The visitor industry generates jobs and economic growth in the city and enables important social issues to be highlighted.

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An environmentally and climate smart destination

Tourism and the activities of Göteborg & Co have an impact on the climate and the environment. Through its operations, decisions and actions, the company aims to reduce the impact of its own activities, and, by collaborating and communicating with others, to help make the destination sustainable.

Göteborg & Co’s environmental goals

Göteborg & Co has identified its own most prominent environmental aspects. Based on these aspects and the company’s ability, we have formulated environmental goals for what we need to accomplish to decrease our negative environmental impact and increase our positive effect on the business sector. The goals are in line with the City’s environment and climate programme and the Paris Agreement.

  • Göteborg & Co decreases its greenhouse gas emissions from travel and transport in line with the City of Gothenburg’s environment and climate programme 2021–2030.
  • Göteborg & Co annually increases the environmentally and climate smart share of its purchases and procurements.
  • Göteborg & Co annually increases all employees’ level of environmental and climate knowledge.
  • Göteborg & Co’s departments annually commit to and carry out further measures to push for a more environmentally and climate smart destination.
  • Göteborg & Co monitors, follows up, and, where possible, annually decreases its negative environmental and climate impact from energy consumption, waste generation, and use of chemicals.
  • Göteborg & Co continuously improves its environmental management, follow-up and control.

All the goals have indicators that are followed up annually to confirm that our efforts are leading us in the right direction.

Sustainability Statement

[…] Göteborg & Co shall contribute to making Gothenburg a world-leading sustainable destination. We shall work collaboratively to drive the development of Gothenburg as a sustainable destination, ensuring that everyone living and operating here benefits from a strong tourism industry […]

Peter Grönberg, CEO

Read the full Sustainability Statement (pdf)

Annual Sustainability reports

In our annual sustainability reports, we account for the past year’s results regarding the financial year and our long-term and overall goal: for Gothenburg to be a sustainable destination by 2030.

Read our annual Sustainability reports

World-leading sustainable destination: a 40-year journey.

Join us on a 40-year journey where the city, business community, and tourism industry worked hand in hand to create a welcoming, growing, inclusive, and environmentally conscious destination.

Katarina Thorstensson, Sustainability Strategist at Göteborg & Co presents the destination’s sustainability journey.

Links to read more

  • Find out how the City of Gothenburg is working toward sustainability at
  • Göteborg & Co has together with Group NAO launched in an attempt to gather sustainable, creative and innovative ideas making tourism better. It is a way to inspire others to make a change and eventually reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Katarina Thorstensson

Sustainability Strategist
+46 31 368 42 85