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Gothenburg now has Sweden’s largest visualisation dome

In July, Universeum opened Widsome – a dome theater with world-leading visualisation technology. Here, we get to experience space travel, bombastic film effects, and the smallest of human components on a 360-degree screen.

The spherical wooden building has become a landmark in Gothenburg. A giant dome, designed by Gert Wingårdh, which houses a 443 square meter projection surface and takes 150 seated visitors on a journey into space, the depths of the sea, and back through history to a time when dinosaurs ravaged the earth.

Wisdome offers three productions, which are available for booking as of summer of 2023. The production VAST 3D is a journey into space through time and space, based on real data from, among others, NASA.

For the younger visitors, Legend of the Enchanted Reef is the story of three fish friends, who embark on an adventure across the united sea to find a new home.

The third production, Dinosaurs, is a story of survival, revealing secrets about the fates of dinosaurs (did they all really die out or are there dinosaurs on Earth today?). New productions will be added continuously.

A national investment

With visualisation technology, understanding is created for phenomena and events that are too small, too large, too fast, or too slow for humans to observe.

Universeum’s visualisation dome is part of the national effort “Wisdome project”. Within the project, Universeum collaborates with four Swedish science centers: Visualiseringscenter C in Norrköping, Curiosum in Umeå, Science Center Malmö Museums and Tekniska Museet in Stockholm.