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What does the world think of the meeting city of Gothenburg?

Four delegate surveys are conducted yearly at congresses in Gothenburg, indicating the visitors’ perceptions and experience. In 2022, nearly 600 interviews showed that almost everyone was satisfied overall. But there is room for development.

One of the surveys was carried out at International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2022. Photo: House of Vision/Göteborg & Co

A total of 567 people, of which 75 per cent were international participants, were interviewed at four congresses at various venues between June and October.

On average, meeting delegates stay three days in Gothenburg, corresponding to the length of the congresses. Most delegates stay overnight at around 30 hotels, and the four congresses have contributed 17,000 hotel nights. Like in previous years, hotel stays got high ratings.

Delegates are unsure about the city’s offer

Those who extend their stay beyond the congress days usually do so to match flights. Only a few delegates vacation or take the opportunity to visit family and friends. Just over 10 per cent brought accompanying travellers. Bringing family or companions on congress trips is a trend that continues to decline.

The city’s restaurants and cafes receive high scores. But nearly half of the respondents answered they didn’t have enough time to explore the attractions.

Impressions delegates take home

Gothenburg is an experienced, welcoming, and pleasant host with a friendly local population that speaks good English. Service and reception get high scores.

Almost every respondent felt safe and secure during their stay. Unfortunately, some participants thought they were in the way of bicycles and scooters, but everything was nearby, and they found it easy to get around. However, they want more accessible information on the local transport system and more information and signage in English.

Nearly all respondents were satisfied with Gothenburg overall, and almost as many would be happy to return for another congress. 74 per cent can imagine revisiting as a tourist. Swedish delegates are more likely than international to come back. The reason is possible differences in familiarity with attractions and that Gothenburg, by Swedish standards, is a large city and tourist destination.

Gothenburg has been ranked the world’s most sustainable city six years in a row by Global Destination Sustainability Index. Despite that, many delegates do not know whether they agree that Gothenburg is sustainable as they are unfamiliar with our standards and work. Therefore, the destination and its businesses have many reasons to show the work with sustainability more clearly.

Göteborg & Co conducts several surveys at congresses and events and among tourists and residents of Gothenburg annually. Personal interviews are used at congresses in the delegate surveys. The purpose is to find out who the visitor is, measure their impression of Gothenburg and identify areas for development. The result gives a good indication of how Gothenburg compares as a meeting destination.

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