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Elevate Gothenburg with communication

Many companies, organizations, and individuals work with communications about Gothenburg. The project Elevate Gothenburg with communications inspires business life and individuals to actively raise our city. The project will act as a toolbox that can be used by anyone who like to promote Gothenburg.

Gothenburg – a small urban city with big ambitions

To us, Gothenburg is a challenger due to the population, culture and innovative business life that make the city attractive. The global highlight is to be renowned and rewarded as the most sustainable city in the world.

Cool place, warm people
The double entendre, refers to the city’s location in northern Europe and Gothenburg as a cool place to visit. The people are warm and welcoming with a relaxed attitude to life.

Destinationen Göteborgs varumärkesplattform

Tools to promote Gothenburg

Decorate your homepage with current events, news, and guides via through our easy widget or use pictures, movies, and popular hashtags to promote Gothenburg and yourself.

Sometimes Gothenburg is a city to visit, sometimes a city to relocate to work or study. Whatever the audience, there are videos and presentations on the Gothenburg you would like to communicate, which you can use as an intro, for…

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Together we promote the important image of competence, interesting deals, development, etc. Remember to always use #goteborg and #gothenburg

Examples of communication that elevate Gothenburg as a city

Be inspired by how others have promoted Gothenburg in their communication. How can your company or organization strengthen Gothenburg as an attractive and exciting city?

AstraZeneca – Settling in

Follow 3 employees and how they have settled in Gothenburg.

Volvo – Made by People

It is the people who create value – this applies to both cars and cities.

Volvo Trucks – How to go electric

Volvo trucks describes the importance of quickly converting to electric transport

Göteborg Film Festival – The Isolated Cinema

With rugged rocks and huge waves, a cool place is communicated. Gothenburg’s coastline.

Unimeet Gothenburg

Internationella students give tips on Gothenburg’s rage of sports and nature.

Göteborg & Co – Rum 13

How long do you dare to stay in autumn’s scariest hotel room? Welcome to being locked up.

The world talks about Gothenburg

Gothenburg – from trendy neighborhoods to food culture and sustainability. What do you like to be known for?

The Independent
In an article from the British The Independent, the reporter takes a deep dive into Gothenburg’s sustainability efforts. The city is described as a welcoming place “where fantastic ideas can blossom”

New York Times
During the Pandemic Year 2021, Gothenburg Film Festival took social distancing to its extreme in an isolated cinema – for one person – at the Pater Noster lighthouse. Something that was noticed in an article by the New York Times.

The Guardian
“10 coolest areas” 2020, Gothenburg and the neighborhood around Järntorget and Långgatorna were at the top of the list. “A city that is easy to love,” the newspaper wrote in its article.

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Tailor-made presentation films about Gothenburg

Sometimes Gothenburg is a city to visit, sometimes a city to relocate to work or study. Whatever the audience, there…