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Tailor-made presentation films about Gothenburg

Sometimes Gothenburg is a city to visit, sometimes a city to relocate to work or study. Whatever the audience, there are videos and presentations on the Gothenburg you would like to communicate, which you can use as an intro, for example to the website, intranet, social media, roll in the lobby, or together with a job advertisement.

Film about Gothenburg

A film that embraces all of Gothenburg in the form of a personal greeting from the City. The films are available in Swedish and English for 90 seconds as well as a shorter ones in 15 seconds. The gothenburg-logo only shows in some videos so that you will feel that it works easily together with your company´s material.

English 90 seconds (without logotype)

Version med Göteborg-logotyp
Swedish 90 seconds (without logotype)

Version med Göteborg-logotyp
English 15 seconds (without logotype)

Version med Göteborg-logotyp
Swedish 15 seconds (without logotype)

Version med Göteborg-logotyp

Postcard greetings

Postcard films with personal greetings and why you should visit Gothenburg.

The student who stayed in Gothenburg (eng ca 30 sec)
The american who moved to Gothenburg and his wifes country (eng ca 30 sec)
Business life person who talks about intresting jobs (sv ca 30 sec)
Musicinterested who want to promote Gothenburg (sv ca 30 sec)

More films about Gothenburg

Visit or work and Gothenburg

This is Gothenburg – Personalities of Gothenburg talks about thier city (ENG)
Lonely Planet – Best in Travel 2021 Sustainable City Stay (ENG)
This is Sweden – One of the world’s most sustainable cities (ENG)

Meetings and congresses in Gothenburg

Gothenburg, a city made for meetings – Why Gothenburg is ideal for meetings and congresses

Study in Gothenburg

Gothenburg university – Get a sneak peak at the life on ”Handels” (ENG)
Unimeet Gothenburg – International students and researcher’s tips about Gothenburg (ENG)