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Author: Stefan Gadd

Göteborg & Co begins working with Mastercard to develop Gothenburg’s visitor industry

Destination · 18 May 2021

As part of its efforts to develop Gothenburg as the visitor destination of the future, Göteborg & Co has begun…

Gothenburg Visitor Centre is closed

Destination · 21 December 2020

Following the announcement from the Swedish government and the public health authority about new restrictions, the Gothenburg Visitor Centre will…

How the world’s largest half marathon became digital

Events · 4 June 2020

Since 1980, the Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon has been a major festival for runners in Gothenburg. This year, however, it was…

Gothenburg aims to become Sweden’s first single-use free city centre

Destination · 10 March 2020

Disposable packaging may be convenient, but it results in large quantities of waste and litter. Now, the city of Gothenburg…

Sustainable growth main theme at ICCA chapter meeting in Gothenburg

Meetings · 10 March 2020

The ICCA Scandinavian Chapter in Gothenburg 2010 marked the starting point for Global Destinations Sustainability Index. Ten years later the…

Gothenburg starts the year as Capital of Smart Tourism

Destination · 12 February 2020

For the whole of 2020 Gothenburg will be “European Capital of Smart Tourism” and will mark the year with a…

“Gothenburg is a great city to run a hotel in.”

Tourism · 31 January 2020

Hotel Royal opened 168 years ago on a street corner near Gothenburg Central Station. Its business concept has always been…

Drones can help save lives at sea

Trade and industry group · 29 January 2020

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS, thought they could work more efficiently in an offshore accident if they had access…

Gothenburg prepares to show the way in smart tourism

Uncategorised · 12 December 2019

Next year, Gothenburg will be the European Capital of Smart Tourism. The city will stand as an example to EU…

Gothenburg solution facilitates climate-smart food choices

Trade and industry group · 3 December 2019

With the smart service CarbonAte consumers are able to make climate smart food choices. The idea – developed at the…

Stuart found a new way of life in Gothenburg

Trade and industry group · 26 November 2019

– For me, the best thing about living in Sweden and Gothenburg is the quality of life. I am able…

Volvo aims to contribute to Gothenburg’s development

Destination · 20 August 2019

Two of Sweden’s biggest private employers are located in Gothenburg – Volvo Cars and Volvo Group. Roughly a quarter of…