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Sustainable growth main theme at ICCA chapter meeting in Gothenburg

The ICCA Scandinavian Chapter in Gothenburg 2010 marked the starting point for Global Destinations Sustainability Index. Ten years later the members are back to share knowledge and best practices.

Marco van Itterzon, ICCA research director, and Malin Erlandsson, Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre greeted visitors welcome

Gothenburg sustainability strategist Katarina Thorstensson from Göteborg & Co is adamant in her belief that collaboration is the only way to success:

“We need to work together with suppliers, politicians, hotels and venues. Collaboration is our superpower. So, use these days to take steps forward and push the boundaries. It’s all about caring and sharing”, she said in her opening speech.

Gothenburg has for four consecutive years been named world leader by Global Destination Sustainability Index. And at the ICCA Scandinavian Chapter meeting in Gothenburg 4 – 6 March, six of the top-ten cities participated. Together with associations from the Nordics.

“That six out of the ten best cities are present in this room is a great asset for us all. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from each other”, says Katarina.

For the consecutive two days, delegates discussed common challenges and shared knowledge around best sustainable practices. But also, how to create legacy. An example was when Gothenburg hosted the European Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG-ER) last year.

Malin Erlandsson from the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is chairperson of ICCA Scandinavian Chapter. Together with Marco van Itterzon from ICCA Research, she greeted several associations welcome already on Wednesday morning to a pre-meeting, while the Chapter meeting began on Thursday.

Marco van Itterzon gave a speech on the resources that ICCA can provide its members. And he also touched the topic on everybody’s minds:

“We are currently updating the information on the effects of the coronavirus. It’s important to stick to the facts and we try to gather all relevant resources at the ICCA website.”

In the concluding talks Annika Hallman, Director Gothenburg Convention Bureau shared info on how Gothenburg works together as destination and the effects of city-wide collaboration, notably the Strategic Plan for Meetings endorsed by the municipal council.