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  • Göteborg & Co begins working with Mastercard to develop Gothenburg’s visitor industry

Göteborg & Co begins working with Mastercard to develop Gothenburg’s visitor industry

As part of its efforts to develop Gothenburg as the visitor destination of the future, Göteborg & Co has begun a unique partnership with Mastercard. The aim is to create a joint destination data platform for the visitor industry, and to facilitate the post-pandemic recovery.


Gothenburg began work on designing a platform for the visitor industry last year. The platform will bring together various data linked to tourism, which can be analysed to provide decision-making information for future investments and initiatives. The cooperation with Mastercard is an important aspect of this work.

“By working with this data platform, Gothenburg’s visitor industry can make significant advances in its digital development,” explains Peter Grönberg, CEO of Göteborg & Co. “This will give us clearer insights and better decision-making support, leading to greater opportunities for a stable, sustainable post-pandemic recovery. Mastercard is the perfect partner, offering new insights via its anonymised consumption data.”

Traditionally, each individual player within the visitor industry has had access to its own data, but has only shared this with others to a limited extent. Thanks to Mastercard’s access to a wealth of anonymised consumption data, Göteborg & Co will be able to identify, monitor and develop key visitor segments.

This information will then be matched with other data, building up a picture of visitors’ interactions with the city’s various stakeholders – before, during and after their visit. The project is an important piece in the puzzle of creating an initial working version of the platform, in which those working within the visitor industry will be able to take part and donate data, obtaining refined insights in return.

“People are interested in traveling again and we have a huge opportunity to work with both the public and private sectors to welcome tourists back and build a strong hospitality industry in the long term. Having the right information to make strategic decisions is an important part of the job. Our collaboration with Göteborg & Co is an excellent example of a local initiative that we also believe can be internationally viable, ”says Malin Berge, Vice President Strategic Growth at Mastercard in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

This cooperation will mainly take part within four areas:

  • Create and develop a joint destination data platform, in which visitor data is gathered, anonymised, segmented and processed.
  • Provide greater insights and knowledge on visitors to the city and the visitor industry’s stakeholders.
  • Establish the right conditions for research, development and innovation within the visitor industry.