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Vital e-mobility conference to be held in Gothenburg

The International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, EVS, is returning to Europe next year, to be organized by AVERE – The European Association for Electromobility. Gothenburg will host the global e-mobility event EVS38, from June 15th to 18th, 2025. As the birthplace for brands like Volvo, Polestar and Heart Aerospace, the city is pivotal in a complete value chain for mobility and transportation, and home for a wide range of innovative companies at the forefront of e-mobility.

Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/Göteborg & Co

The Electrical Vehicles Symposium, EVS, is the leading global event for the transformation to electrification in all modes of transport. The symposium brings together manufacturers, authorities, and researchers from all over the world, and is expected to attract over 10,000 visitors to Gothenburg in June 2025. The EVS in Gothenburg is the first ever in Sweden.

It takes place as the transformation accelerates. Global sales of electric cars (BEV and PHEV) rose on all continents in 2023, and will increase another 21 percent in 2024, according to Bloomberg, which also expects commercial EV sales to double this year. Private and public investments in new technology and production units are heavy throughout Europe, supported by EU decarbonisation legislation such as Fit for 55. In Sweden, public charging points rose by 78 percent in 2023.

A true European centre for e-mobility

At the same time, The European Commission estimates that Europe needs to invest an additional 92 billion Euros in net zero technology until 2030. This is one of the key messages before the European Parliament election in June this year.

“In this election year, we are reminded that although political push-backs exist, technology and the drive for decarbonisation are part of Europe’s DNA. Sweden is a prime example of this, where innovation and development is valued, supported, and prevalent”, says Maciej Mazur, President of AVERE – the European Association for Electromobility.
“In this sense, EVS38 is not merely a major event of the e-mobility sector, but also a clear signal that this is a transformation that is both necessary for the environment and the electric revolution. We look forward to meeting with the industry in a city which strongly highlights this change.”

Gothenburg is a hotspot for innovation and master of private-public collaboration. Few other regions in the world can manifest such a comprehensive and progressive mobility value chain, gathered all in one place. For instance, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group are currently both establishing gigafactories for battery production in the region. Further, the port of Gothenburg is the largest in the Nordics, making the city the automotive and logistics capital of Scandinavia.

Last year, Gothenburg was selected by the European Commission as a mentor city to lead Europe’s green transition. The city is also a pioneer in sustainability and has been named the most sustainable destination according to the Global Destination Sustainability Index seven years in a row.

“We are proud to be hosting EVS38. Real life test beds and initiatives like Gothenburg Green City Zone, ElectriCity and the Tranzero initiative bring together our innovative industry to create emission- and fossil-free transport solutions in collaboration between the city, academia and institutes. It is a big advantage compared to many other cities, making it easier to organize such a large and important conference as EVS”, says Jonas Attenius, Mayor of Gothenburg.

A popular city for events

Gothenburg is also one of Sweden’s main event cities. The passion and motivation that are evident here have spread far beyond the country’s borders and have made a strong impression on the international events map. The venues are conveniently located in the city centre with most hotels, restaurants, and attractions within walking distance. The Swedish Congress & Exhibition Centre and Gothia Towers with its all-under-one-roof concept is the largest venue in Northern Europe with such a central location.

During EVS, the city will organize a series of events in collaboration with the industry and academia, with the goal of reaching out to and engaging the public. The timing in June is perfect, with Swedish midsummer arriving at the end of the week.

EVS38 is organized by AVERE – the European Association for Electromobility and the city of Gothenburg through Business Region Göteborg and Göteborg & Co.

More about EVS38

Did you know?

  • The International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition, EVS, is a global event where electric vehicle experts gather to showcase the latest technology, discuss sustainability, and promote collaboration for a greener future of transportation. EVS has been taking place since 1969 and is designed for a diverse audience, including automotive manufacturers, technology providers, researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in the future of electric mobility.
  • The EVS38 in Gothenburg will cover vehicles, policy, charging, batteries and power supply, propulsion, manufacturing and automation, EV interiors, parking, software and AI, connected and autonomous mobility, fleet management, mobility solutions and a wide range of sustainability assessments. Around 300 exhibitors are expected, and visitors from 70 countries.
  • In Europe, fully electric cars (BEV) reached a market share of 14.6 percent last year, up from 12.1 percent the year before. Market penetration is the highest in the Nordic countries. The EV Readiness Index measures how ready countries are for electrified transport. In 2023, Sweden reached a joint third place in Europe, after Norway and the Netherlands.
  • Volvo Group and Volvo Cars are Sweden’s two largest private employers, and pioneers in e-mobility among legacy automotive companies. They share the Volvo brand, which is stronger than any other brand in safe mobility and transport. The three-point safety belt and the airbag are innovations that have spread around the world thanks to Volvo and the Swedish vehicle safety group Autoliv.
  • Gothenburg is also home to highly interesting e-mobility actors such as Heart Aerospace, Einride, Polestar, Stena Line, Zeekr Technology Europe, Wireless Car and Ecoride, to name a few. Read more about the mobility cluster in Gothenburg.
  • Gothenburg Green City Zone, ElectriCity and Tranzero are initiatives that show how Gothenburg collaborates with the automotive industry, other businesses and academia to jointly create emission- and fossil-free transport solutions.

More information and media contacts:

Katharina Kramer, Communications & Event Manager, AVERE
+32 490 29 87 12

Christian Borg, Head of Media Relations, Business Region Göteborg
+46 31 367 61 64

Stefan Gadd, Press Liaison Manager, Göteborg & Co
+46 31 368 40 30

AVERE – the European Association for Electromobility, represents and advocates for electromobility on behalf of the industry, academia, and EV users at both EU and national levels. On top of advocacy, we provide our members with a unique forum for exchanging knowledge, experience, and ideas on how to stimulate electromobility throughout Europe.
Business Region Göteborg AB (BRG) is the investing agency and business service organisation of the City of Gothenburg. Our purpose is to strengthen and develop trade and industry in the region and attract investments. We represent thirteen municipalities in the Gothenburg region, Sweden.
Göteborg & Co is the official destination management organisation of the City of Gothenburg and the metropolitan area. We act as a non-commercial and neutral party in the development of Gothenburg in tourism, events and meetings.