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Hybrid+, a new approach to meeting experiences launched by Göteborg & Co

Hybrid+ is a new innovative tool from Göteborg & Co for creating new and improved digital meeting experiences. Hybrid meetings play an integral part in the future development of meetings and events.

Unimeet Welcome evening. Thanks to the collaboration between Unimeet Gothenburg and project Hybrid Experiences at Göteborg & Co, a very successful hybrid welcome evening was arranged for 250 participants from all over the world. Photo: Jonas Larsson/Göteborg & Co.

Today it is mostly digital forums that exist. Zoom and Teams are perhaps the two largest, but pandemic-induced digital fatigue has set in. However, the digital format still offers many positives, such as helping to improve efficiency in various ways, for example. Among other things, we can enable meeting organisers to reach out to a broader spectrum of participants while also meeting additional needs.

The thing that makes Gothenburg one of the world’s most successful cities for sustainable meetings and events – and winner of the GDS Index 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 – is a spirit of constant renewal and great potential development for meetings and events.

Henrik Svensson, Project Manager Hybrid Experiences

“In the future, most physical meetings and events will be combined with the digital. It’s now up to us within meetings and events to shape the new normal. The aim of the Hybrid+ project is to build a strong position in hybrid experiences and therewith secure Gothenburg as a sustainable meeting region in an innovative way,” says Henrik Svensson, Project Manager for Hybrid Experiences at Göteborg & Co, which also includes Gothenburg Convention Bureau.

“By inviting and listening to the needs of hotels and venues, annual events, meeting organisers and technical suppliers, we see a great opportunity to educate and inspire the actors in the city.”

“Hybrid experiences for meetings and events” focuses on laying the foundations for new and improved hybrid experiences. The project offers free consultation for meetings and events that have to choose platforms for their events.

The basic premise for delivering new values for many digital and hybrid events is that the rights holder allows sponsors to create engaging content. This can then be advantageously combined with brand exposure. With the help of a technical supplier, you can then build in values for the sponsors.

The Hybrid+ method not only creates an easy way to produce content with a sponsor if allowed by the programme committee or programme manager, but also a balanced programme that invites the sponsor to host selected expert-led sessions. As a supplier, companies often have interesting insights to share from research projects and case studies.

Digital and hybrid meetings and events often create interactivity and opportunities for sponsors to engage participants. Different platforms will help to involve partners who can contribute content, increase the outreach and enhance the experience.

The primary target group for Hybrid+ is the meeting and event industry and their rights holders, including PCOs, corporate planners, industry organisations, and event agencies, facilities, technology suppliers and more.

“We are a support on the way to creating a professional and cost-effective hybrid format. Many organisers need help to find their customised meeting format and create a unique experience,” concludes Henrik Svensson.

Read more about the Hybrid+ project.

Further details: Henrik Svensson, Göteborg & Co, +46 (0) 704-41 67 64