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Hybrid experiences for events and meetings

What we do

Our aim is to adopt a strong position within hybrid experiences to future-proof Gothenburg as a sustainable meeting city in an innovative manner. Therefore we focus on:

  • Establishing hybrid experiences as part of Gothenburg’s visitor industry
  • Cooperation, knowledge exchanges and skills enhancement, both locally and nationally
  • Bringing about sustainable change
  • Reinforcing Gothenburg’s position as an experience destination

The Hybrid+ method

Meeting and event organisers now face a transition, in which they need to adapt according to their target group and identify their new format. Hybrid+ is a three-step model for meeting and event organisers that want to take the next step towards a new, more digital format. This method should provide guidance when event arrangers plan and decide on a hybrid format. The idea is to take conditions, aims and objectives, target groups, the business model and technical opportunities as starting points.

What is Hybrid+?

  • Advice and support for those meetings and events that show an interest in the hybrid format
  • A method for taking the next step towards a new digital format
  • Three steps that result in decision-making data and documentation for a project plan
  • A knowledge-enhancing initiative in the transition towards the hybrid format

A three-step-model aiming to:

  • Establish and analyse the target group’s desired effect
    What should the target group’s various segments get out of the digital and physical formats?
  • Build a new format
    What should the experience be like for physical and digital participants? Analysing needs and creating an adapted format.
  • Create content and technical solutions
    How can we create interactive content with energy? Which platforms and technologies are needed?

The basic requirements for creating a successful digital format or hybrid format

To avoid misunderstandings and to create a good product that meets the client’s expectations, start with a brief that answers the following questions:

  • What is the aim of the meeting/event? 
  • Is the digital element important, and what is its function? 
  • Is the aim met by offering customers a digital product in parallel? 

Step 1: Target groups, aim, objective and budget

Firstly, answer the following questions:

  • Do we know our target groups and what they want?
  • Do we have a clear aim for the event/meeting and an objective?
  • Do we have an overview budget, and do we know which risks we are prepared to take?

Step 2: The hybrid format

  • Go through examples of different hybrid formats for inspiration
  • Decide whether physical or digital participants – or both – should be prioritised in terms of the experience.
  • Create your adapted hybrid format by going through our checklist.

Step 3: Think in new ways

Do we need to think in new ways to create a superior experience and interactivity? If yes, link up with content experts to create interesting content with energy and meet creative experts. If not, ask yourself if you need to create a cost-effective meeting/event with technology suppliers? If you do, Göteborg & Co can help to set up a specification of requirements and link up with suitable technology suppliers.

All set!

You have now created an adapted format!

The majority of physical meetings and events will be combined with digital elements in the future. Now it’s up to us within the visitor industry to shape the new normal. The aim of the project is to adopt a strong position within hybrid experiences, thereby future-proofing Gothenburg as a sustainable meeting region in an innovative manner. By inviting representatives from hotels and facilities – as well as annual events, meeting organisers and technology suppliers – and listening to their needs, we see an excellent opportunity to train and inspire the city’s actors to hold value-creating hybrid experiences. 

Henrik Svensson, Project Manager Hybrid Experiences

Henrik Svensson, Project manager Hybrid Experiences