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Governing Documents

The documents that govern Göteborg & Co comprise are the Municipal Council’s budget, instructions, directives and objectives as well as policy documents.

Foto: Kjell Holmner

Foto: Kjell Holmner

governing documents in the city

The City of Gothenburg is subject to national laws and statutes as well as the governing documents adopted by the Municipal Council and the City Executive Board. The budget takes priority over other governing documents for the city’s operations. Relevant governing documents include the articles of association and ownership directives.

Business plan

Another important governing document is the business plan for the destination, which is prepared in broad consultation with public and private stakeholders in the visitor industry, and with academia. The business plan for the destination is revised every three years.

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Vision, goal and core values of the destination, and the company’s mission

The destination’s vision

Gothenburg should be a first choice among large cities in Europe by becoming: One of Europe’s most human and most attractive metropolitan areas to live in, work in and visit.

The ultimate goal of Göteborg & Co’s operations is to improve the quality of life of the people who live and work in Gothenburg. The visitor industry does not just create jobs and sustainable growth. It helps to build bridges between people from different cultures and makes the city more attractive through a wider offering of culture, entertainment, restaurants, cafés, excursions and trade. When we choose where we want to live, work, study and invest, we choose a city that we feel positive about. This is an area where the visitor industry plays an important role, by making Gothenburg an even better city.


Göteborg & Co shall be a leading platform for collaboration in the international context.

Professional collaboration gives us a unique competitive edge that enables Gothenburg to assert itself in various markets against bigger and more resourceful destinations. This is a formidable advantage in delivering experiences and events that only larger cities would otherwise be able to offer. This is a strength that we intend to nurture and develop.

Objectives for 2021

By 2021 Gothenburg should set an international example by constantly challenging every aspect of sustainability.

All the work done by Göteborg & Co is based on a sustainability perspective that will contribute to long-term success. Sustainable development is a natural part of our work and is founded on our core values. We strive to take economic, environmental and social responsibility for our operations, products and services, in those areas where we can exert influence. This enables us to strengthen our brands and relationships with business partners, and thus create new business opportunities that offer long-term growth and improved profitability.

Since June 2008, Göteborg & Co has held an environmental diploma issued by the City of Gothenburg Environment Administration. The environmental diploma scheme is a process for establishing an environmental management system that aims for continuous improvement. The Environment Administration states in the diploma: “By translating its environmental efforts from words into action, Göteborg & Co has shown exemplary foresight and a sense of responsibility. This environmental work is an important step on the road to a better environment in Gothenburg and the rest of the world.”

Core values

Our core values are at the heart of our brand and our operations. All communication that relates to the destination is founded on our core values. The message to our target audiences – regardless of who we communicate with – should always be based on our core values: Human, Pluralistic and Inspiring.

Human: People enjoy living and working in Gothenburg. Residents and visitors perceive the city as a friendly and welcoming place where it is easy to make positive contacts with others.

Pluralistic: Gothenburg offers something for everyone. There is a fantastic range of activities and places to meet here. There is an open and tolerant attitude in the city – we see diversity as a big asset to the continuing development of Gothenburg as a destination.

Inspiring: People who visit Gothenburg are keen to return. The city offers stimulating experiences and evokes passion and creativity in people. The range and diversity of attractions are exceptional and inspire residents and visitors to see and think in new ways.