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The Junior World Championship makes an impact on hockey and society

In preparation for the 2024 IIHF Junior World Championship in Gothenburg, the “Känslopucken” (Direct translated to ‘The emotion puck’) campaign was launched. The purpose of the project is to promote a healthy and inclusive hockey culture and to highlight the importance of players being brave enough to show their emotions off the rink. In doing so, hockey contributes to a fair culture where more people feel better and thus perform better on the ice.

The initiators of ‘Känslopucken’ are the Swedish Ice Hockey Association together with the Gothenburg Ice Hockey Association and Göteborg & Co.

Together we change the culture

Photo: The Swedish Ice Hockey Association

The ‘känslopuck’ implemented a multi-step strategy to achieve its goals:

Leadership Training: A comprehensive training initiative has been carried out to provide coaches and leaders with tools to build a positive and supportive culture within their teams.

Inspirational Seminars: During the Junior World Championship, inspirational seminars will be conducted to expand knowledge about the importance of a good culture in ice hockey and in sports in general.

Communication Campaign: A campaign is planned to be deployed on social media to reach a larger audience and amplify the message of an emotionally aware hockey culture.

Resources for Leadership: Materials such as “In or Outside the Box” are offered, which are discussion prompts created to help leaders foster a positive team spirit and culture.

Feel, talk, ask, listen

‘Känslopucken’ aims to remove negative stereotypes and behaviors often associated with the sport and replace them with an environment where all players, regardless of gender or background, can thrive and develop. By encouraging players and leaders to openly express and manage their emotions, the goal is to create a more inclusive and less aggressive atmosphere both on and off the ice.

The ambition is through ‘Känslopucken’ create a long lasting positive effect, going beyond the hockey rink.

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How is impact and legacy created?

Göteborg & Co:s model, Gothenburg Way to Legacy includes program planning, a tool box and community support of non-profit organisations.

Read more about how we work with legacy and impact here.

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