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Events with Impact

Events can be a force for change that has effects on society and affects behaviors. The effects can change attitudes or intangible values long after the event has been performed. Strategic work reinforces the long-term positive impact that the event intends to generate. With careful planning and follow-up, it is possible to show the power of change that can lead to increased quality of life for citizens, investments or increased sustainability.

Göteborg & Co offers knowledge, working models and a network of collaborations that your event can use to create long-term values.

Gothenburg Way to Legacy

We collaborate with associations as well as local and national stakeholders to ensure that events have a positive impact on both the association and the host destination. Our working model “Gothenburg Way to Legacy” includes a Programme, a Toolbox and Community Support.

Gothenburg Way to Legacy model

Read more about legacy and impact here.

Tools and Inspiration Connected to Events

Case Study: Sports Engagement in Gothenburg Drives Social Impact

What happens when sport federations prioritize long-term positive impact in the early planning stages of their event? And what kind of activities and outcomes can it lead to? To cast light on this, Göteborg & Co released a legacy case study from UEFA Women’s Euro 2013, Women’s Champions League final 2021 and UEFA Women’s Euro 2025. This case illustrates Gothenburg’s successful work to make long term impact for equality.

Ongoing Projects

Read more about ongoing projects in the subpages below.

Programme for Events

Göteborg & Co works strategically with organizers who want to use their event to create a long-term positive impact on…

Toolbox for Events

The toolbox is used to create customized event-related activities that contribute to your organization's long-term goals. It also includes concepts…