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Coldplays climate-smart conserts

Colplays climate-smart tour got very much attention when they preformed at Ullevi in July 2023. The initiative aligned perfectly with the City of Gothenburgs goal to create more climate-friendly events.

Foto Björn Larsson Rosvall

Focus on traveling

The green mindset was shining trough in everything in the tour, from energy generating bikes outside the arena to the staffs and bands travel choises. Except the fact that Coldplay made better travel choises for themselfs, they also encuraged the audience to bike or walk to the conserts. A form was sent to the audience where they could report their travelplan to the consert. Their carbon oxide footprint was calculated and proposed other more climate friendly ways instead.

Travelers coming from the south could park their car in Mölndal, slightly outside of Gothenburg. In exthange they could travel to Ullevi with public transport for free.

The conserts are a part of the project “Solutions for climate-smart events” which intends to make Gothenburg a more climate-friendly city for events. The project is in turn a part of the intransitiative Gothenburg Green City Zone which are working to develop a pollution free transportingsystem.

Other initiatives during the conserts

  • Dancefloors generating energy when the audience was dancing and jumping
  • Solar cells was installed at Ullevi
  • Recyciling stations was placed in and around the arena
  • All served food was vegetarian

Everyone might not be able to install solar cells at Ullevi or an energy generating dancefloor, but hopfully others can be inspierd by Coldplays conserts!

Are you interested in creating climate neutral events? Read more here!

A Sustainable Event – How to do it

Solutions for climate-smart event

Text: Saga Thieme

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