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Circular Event Clothes at Gothenburg Culture Festival 2023

During Gothenburg Culture Festival 2023, an exciting step was taken in sustainability for event clothing. The journey began with a simple thought: can clothes be reused and reshaped to be used again at large events?

Magdalena Fronczak, Marcus Tynér, Ramin Amiri and Daina Sakars in the Culture festival circular event clothes.

Clothes and branding that can be reused


Origin: Used from Stina Randestad’s collection for Borås Science Park and Way out west 2022. Converted from former nursing clothes.
Design: Solid color lapels in different colors with a black surface on the chest for flexible branding.
Quantity: 50 t-shirts

One of the upcycled t-shirts with blue ribbing and area for branding. Photo: Borås Science Park


Origin: Older jackets from past events, restyled to hide outdated logos.
Design: Neutral green and without branding.
Quantity: 50 jackets

Different solutions were tested at the Textile University to find new areas of use for the jackets. Photo: Borås Science Park


  • Temporary branding with weatherproof stickers.
  • Stickers could be applied to plastic squares on t-shirts and directly to jacket material.
  • A time-consuming but flexible solution.

Circular clothes saves resources

Reuse of event clothes marks the way towards sustainability in event clothing. By reusing and redesigning existing clothes for Gothenburg Culture Festival, we eliminate the need for new production and save raw materials and energy. The idea is that this not only reduces the environmental impact, but that it can set a new, sustainable standard for events. The investment in circular event clothing shows that creative and sustainable solutions are possible and necessary for a greener future.

Circular event clothes was made in collaboration with Gothenburg Culture Festival and The swedish school of textiles by Science Park Borås.

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