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This year’s ambassadors in the meeting city of Gothenburg

Thanks to dedicated individuals in research, academia, and business, Gothenburg has hosted several major conferences throughout the year. This has further strengthened Gothenburg’s position as an outstanding knowledge and meeting hub. During the city’s annual diploma ceremony on December 5th, these meeting ambassadors were acknowledged for their significant contributions.

Seven fantastic ambassadors received diplomas on Tuesday for their efforts in the meeting hub of Gothenburg. In the picture, the present diploma recipients are seen along with the mayor and representatives from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg.
Front row from left: Ulla Sätereie (University of Gothenburg), Malin Lemurell (AstraZeneca), Louise Théen (Sahlgrenska University Hospital)
Middle row from left: Lars Lindsköld (Region Västra Götaland), Kersti Forsberg (Self-employed), Susanna Fellman (University of Gothenburg), Tommy Svensson (Chalmers University of Technology)
Back row from left: Max Petzold (University of Gothenburg), Aslan Akbas (Mayor, City of Gothenburg), Fredrik Nilsson (Chalmers University of Technology).
Photo: Marie Ullnert

To highlight and express gratitude to those who have played a particularly significant role for Gothenburg as a meeting destination throughout the year, Göteborg & Co organised a formal ceremony at the City Hall Börsen. On Tuesday, outstanding ambassadors were rewarded with diplomas for their exceptional efforts. Their expertise and reputation have been crucial for Gothenburg’s hosting of important meetings in areas such as medicine, technology, and journalism.

Gothenburg Mayor Aslan Akbas personally handed over the diplomas to the ambassadors. Representatives from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology also participated in the ceremony to further reinforce the recognition of the ambassadors’ contributions to the city.

In addition to those present at City Hall Börsen, eight more meeting ambassadors were honored with diplomas.