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Meeting delegates satisfied with Gothenburg

Annually, delegate satisfaction is measured at several international congresses held in Gothenburg. The results are evaluated and compared to previous years. Satisfaction in this year’s surveys is high and on par with past measurements. Most participants are content and willing to return for another conference.

The Congress AD/PD (International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases and related neurological disorders), which took place from March 28 to April 1 2023, at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, was one of the congresses where delegate surveys were conducted. Photo: House of Vision/Gothenburg & Co.

During four major conferences in 2023, nearly 800 delegates were asked about their experiences in Gothenburg. The congress periods span from March to October. 85% of those surveyed are international participants from around 50 countries, many of whom travelled from afar.

Major congresses

Notably, this year’s conferences increased on average from three to five days, with significantly more meeting delegates staying longer than the previous year. This is reflected in the tourism economic turnover, which is much higher than in 2022.

Hotels and experiences

Practically everyone is satisfied with their experience in Gothenburg (96%). Service and reception receive the highest ratings (99%). The majority stay at hotels, and satisfaction is high there as well (91%). Most bookings are made online, although bookings through the congress websites have increased compared to 2022. 90% of those surveyed can envision returning to Gothenburg for another conference.

Pleasant atmosphere, friendly people, and well-organized events within walking distance of everything are recurring responses to what has been the best about Gothenburg. A high percentage of delegates feel secure and safe during their stay.

Clearer focus on sustainability

The results also indicate that as a destination, we need to showcase our sustainability efforts better. This ensures that all participants unequivocally agree with the perception of Gothenburg as a sustainable destination.

Source: Research One.
Annually, Gothenburg & Co conducts several surveys at conferences and events in Gothenburg. Delegate surveys are conducted through personal interviews during ongoing conferences. The purpose is to profile participants, measure impressions of Gothenburg, and identify areas for improvement. The results indicate how Gothenburg stands as a meeting destination.

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