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Sustainable Guide

Gothenburg as a destination is on the front row of sustainability in Europe. The city has won several awards when it comes to sustainability.

If you are curious on the many initiatives the city is doing, you should take a look in our Sustainability Guide. This guide gives plenty of suggestion on sustainable hotels, restaurants, coffehouse, events and activities, shopping, transport and museum to choose from. Welcome to a sustainable city!

Global Destination Sustainability Index has rewarded Gothenburg as the most sustainable city six years in a row 2022 (except for year 2020 where no city was appointed). For example; 91 procent of all hotelrooms are enviromentally certified and that makes Gothenburg one of the greenest hotelcities in the world.

Other factors that makes Gothenburg a sustainable city to visit:

  • Public transports that is run by electric is inreasing fast. In year 2020, the city recieved 145 new electric buses and still counting 2022.
  • Liseberg – the greatest park in Scandinavia, has 100 percent renewable energy. They also have an attraction generating electricity to itself and other attractions. Liseberg has 3 million visitors per year and is one of Gothenburgs biggest tourist attraction.

Click here and take part of the full Sustainable Guide.