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Association World Congress & Expo – AWC

Sharing Best Practice in Sustainability

Gothenburg hosted the Association World Congress & Expo, AWC, in 2019. An opportunity to share expertise and best practice with association executives and representatives from the global meetings industry and display Gothenburg as a meetings destination.

Topics were, among others, success stories on how to effectively engage the public to create a positive impact and legacy in the local community. The participants learnt about the Gothenburg Strategic Plan for Meetings and many participants joined a Destination Day for in-depth knowledge on the city’s strong collaboration within the field of research and development, showcased through visits to well-known R&D companies.

Gothenburg eco-certified the congress in keeping with the city being the world’s most sustainable destination. All meals were organic, locally produced and vegetarian. Food waste was minimised, and all participants received their own fill-up tap water bottle.

Almost 90 % of the delegates state they went away with ideas and content to improve their organisation.