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Ever since 2016, Gothenburg has held the number 1 ranking of the Global Destination Sustainability Index.

Göteborg & Co strives to make Gothenburg a sustainable city by taking financial, environmental and social responsibility, and constantly challenging accepted ideas of sustainability. In collaboration with other stakeholders in the visitor industry, Göteborg & Co contributes to a vibrant Gothenburg that offers sustainable, attractive and unique experiences.

One result of our efforts is that Gothenburg have been awarded as the world’s most sustainable destination by the Global Destination Sustainability Index, for six consecutive years.

Göteborg & Co is also environmentally certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base until May 2023 and has an environmental plan with goals for 2022.

Sustainability strategies

The sustainability efforts of Göteborg & Co are based on three company-wide strategies that interact and reinforce each other:

  • We will set an example and lead the way through our actions and our resourcefulness.
  • We will encourage and challenge the destination’s stakeholders and partners to develop in a sustainable direction.
  • We will inspire and help visitors to enjoy the destination’s attractions sustainably.

Göteborg & Co’s key sustainability issues

Göteborg & Co has identified three priority sustainability areas. Within each area, there are three important sustainability issues that the business focuses on. These areas and issues were identified and prioritised based on stakeholder expectations and the actual influence of the business.

A welcoming and inclusive destination

Everyone who visits or lives in Gothenburg should feel that they are part of the city and that the meetings and events that take place here are also for them. Göteborg & Co aims to make events and experiences in Gothenburg accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, beliefs, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, age and language. The company must also help to ensure that experiences are safe and secure.

A growing and healthy destination

The mission of Göteborg & Co is to make Gothenburg an attractive and sustainable metropolitan region where ideas, businesses and people grow together. The visitor industry generates jobs and economic growth in the city, and enables important social issues to be highlighted.

An environmentally smart and climate-smart destination

Gothenburg is a green city, with parks, forests and water right on our doorstep. It is a small city where almost everything is within walking distance. Tourism and the activities of Göteborg & Co have an impact on the climate and the environment. Through its operations, decisions and actions, the company aims to reduce the impact of its own activities and, by collaborating and communicating with others, help to make the destination sustainable.

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Göteborg & Co has together with Group NAO launched in an attempt to gather sustainable, creative and innovative ideas making tourism better. It is a way to inspire others to make a change and eventually reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Katarina Thorstensson

Head of Sustainability
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