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”They should make a movie about this film festival”

This is what journalist Terry McSweeney from American NBC said about the Gothenburg Film Festival. When the Corona Pandemic hit, most events had to cancel or rethink completely. The Gothenburg Film Festival did so by offering all films, premiere screenings and film talks on a digital festival platform. But that was not enough. To achieve a greater impact, the whole concept and experience were pushed to the extreme.

One person. An isolated place. Total social distancing for one week.

And the idea for The Isolated Cinema was born. The rest is history. Based on the 12 000 applications from 65 countries, a nurse from Skövde was chosen to be isolated for a whole week at Pater Noster, with only the movies as entertainment. Gothenburg Film Festival received extremely large international media attention. With 3 000 articles from 70 countries and 8.5 billion in media reach, the Film Festival topped in news channels such as CNN, the BBC, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Variety, the Wahington Post, and many more.

Watch the video summary of the campaign and how it was acclaimed internationally.