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Xperience Next

Xperience Next is an innovation platform and dynamic meeting place for digitalization, business development and technology that will enforce the transformation of the sustainable experience industry. With Lindholmen Science Park as a base, we facilitate and create cross-sector projects within culture, sports and tourism that generate value for society.

How can we develop an experience industry with the support of digital tools and business development – through all three dimensions of sustainability; ecologically, economically and socially?

Xperience Next is an innovation platform where you share that responsibility, want to create the future together and accelerate the rate of change of the experience industry by sharing results and giving extra power to interesting options that generate new insights, tools, methods and business models with the aim of creating value for many.

Gothenburg & Co is a proud partner of the innovation program Xperience Next that is developed and lead by Lindholmen Science Park, the neutral arena for collaboration in order to create the best possible conditions for innovation and for people, businesses, and organizations to meet and build new networks.

Research and development of sustainable ideas

For Gothenburg & Co and the destination Gothenburg, it is important to work with research and development of sustainable ideas, products and services linked to the experience industry that become reality.

The Destination Data Platform

The Destination Data Platform is a project that was initiated in 2020 by Göteborg & Co with the aim of exploring how anonymized big data and digital twins can serve as a foundation for creating innovative solutions and improving standards for measuring tourism and sustainability. The next step in the proactive approach of the hospitality industry is to be able to track movement in the city centre, have an overview of hotel statistics, monitor restaurant turnover, and simulate a public event in a digital environment to enhance the experience from a sustainable, economic, and social perspective.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with Xperience Next since 2023, the program for the experience industry at Lindholmen Science Park, as part of the Tourism Agenda project.

Göteborg & Co will continue to work with data-driven approaches, gather data, and disseminate knowledge. However, the development of the prototype will be put on hold.

Ossian Stiernstrand

+46 31 368 40 20