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International Partnerships

Göteborg & Co is an active partner in a number of national and international networks, and collaborates with a variety of stakeholders. You can read about these networks and organisations below.

Logo EU CVB Network

EU CVB Network

EU CVB Network consists of seven convention bureaus represented by the cities of Gothenburg, Florence, Ljubljana, Lyon, Rotterdam, Salzburg and Valencia. The convention bureau network work together, generously sharing knowledge, experiences and best practice to benefit both clients and destinations. 

Logga för Swedish Network of Destination Managament Organisations(sndmo)

SNDMO – Swedish Network of Destination Management Organisations

SNDMO develops the Swedish hospitality industry by bringing together destination organizations and cities from Sweden’s larger municipalities. It is a non-profit, non-political organization. The association shall function as an influence body for national hospitality industry issues towards relevant stakeholders and parties in the Swedish hospitality industry. The association also acts as a joint forum for knowledge sharing between organizations for marketing and destination development. Gothenburg & Co are represented on the board of the network.

Logga för Swedish Network of Convention Bureaus (sncvb)

SNCVB – Swedish Network of Convention Bureaus

SNCVB is a non-profit association whose members are Swedish Convention Bureaus. The purpose of the association is for the Swedish Convention Bureaus to have a common forum where they can jointly pursue important issues for the meetings industry. The association’s members also get the opportunity to exchange knowledge and business with each other. Gothenburg & Co are represented on the board of the network.

Logga för City Destinations Alliance (CityDNA)

City Destinations Alliance (CityDNA)

City Destinations Alliance (CityDNA) brings European cities together and promotes tourism. The network, which is the largest in Europe, links together more than 130 metropolitan regions in 30 countries and aims to encourage tourism in European cities. CityDNA also provides a valuable foundation for business intelligence and exchanging experience in the tourism industry.

Logga för International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA)

International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA)

ICCA is the leading global network in the meetings industry and has members in 86 countries. The network collaborates with over 900 suppliers and makes it easier for member states to create competitive events.

Logga för European Science Events Association (EUSCEA)

European Science Events Association (EUSCEA)

EUSCEA is a network of popular science events that aims to promote cooperation in science engagement activities and raise awareness of research and education. Gothenburg International Science Festival is one of the founders of this network, which now has more than 100 member organisations.

Logga för Göteborg-Oslo_Samarbetet

GO partnership

A partnership between Norway and Sweden in which the City of Gothenburg and Region Västra Götaland work with Oslo, Akershus and Östfold to increase the appeal and competitiveness of the Gothenburg-Oslo region.