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Policy for sustainable press and influencer trips

Drönarvy över växthuset Palmhuset i Göteborg

It’s important for us that press and influencer trips to Gothenburg are as sustainable as possible. Therefore Göteborg & Co has a policy with guidelines for sustainable press and influencer trips. The policy is reviewed and updated annually.

  • We do not book flights for journalists travelling from Scandinavia, and we encourage travel by train or bus.
  • Flights made by journalists, and which Göteborg & Co pays for, will be included in the City of Gothenburg’s internal carbon pricing system.
  • Upon arrival in Gothenburg, we do not provide taxi services to hotels. Instead, we refer visitors to public transport or VY Airport Coaches.
  • When taxi travel is necessary, we use Cab Online, which is procured by the City of Gothenburg. Cab Online strives to be a completely climate neutral company by transitioning to fossil fuel free vehicles by 2030. We always request electric cars as first choice.
  • When arranging walking tours, both within the city and beyond, we walk or use public transportation where possible.
  • We do not hand out printed press folders and programmes. Instead, we provide this information digitally.
  • We only use sustainability certified hotels.
  • We mainly use restaurants that work actively with sustainability and/or have a sustainability certification.
  • We do not use single use disposable items, and we avoid single use products for takeaway.
  • We encourage journalists to bring a water bottle to refill during their trip, since all tap water in Sweden is potable.
  • We issue the digital “A guide to sustainable Gothenburg” to all journalists before arrival. The guide includes sustainability information as well as information about littering laws, non-smoking zones, the Swedish Sex Purchase Act, and more.
  • We report all discrepancies, and we aspire to have no discrepancies at all.

Revised and adopted by CEO/Management: 10 January 2024.

Download the policy as PDF: Policy for Sustainable presstrips Gothenburg 2024 (pdf)

Eva Lehmann

Head of Unit, PR, Campaigns and Travel Trade
+ 46 706 51 52 44