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Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary

Kollage av många bilder från Göteborgs jubileum

Gothenburg will reach its 400th anniversary in 2021 and we are celebrating this by working together to make our city an even better place. All the way up to the anniversary year. And well beyond. Gothenburg 400 years is one of Gothenburg’s most important visionary efforts. Our work is based on a vision of gaining international recognition for Gothenburg as a bold model for sustainable growth. A city that is innovative, open and inclusive, where all residents feel a sense of purpose and participation. There will be a formal, historic celebration to celebrate the official birthday 4th of June during 2021, while the full anniversary program will be arranged with full force in 2023.

A summary of what has happened so far

In 2009, Göteborg & Co was instructed to lead, co-ordinate, publicise and monitor the preparations for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary. In 2011, the idea gathering phase led to 1,680 ideas and suggestions from residents of Gothenburg. In 2013–2014, feasibility studies were carried out on a number of these ideas, and in 2015 the anniversary organisation recommended 20 anniversary initiatives to the City Executive Board for further development. Each anniversary initiative has a project owner in the city who is responsible for progressing the initiative. The city also welcomes outside initiatives in addition to its anniversary initiatives. The anniversary organisation regularly meets residents, companies, associations and other stakeholders in various contexts. This ensures that the process remains open and dynamic. Read more on Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary 2021 website.

Therese Brusberg

Director Gotheburg´s 400th Anniversary
+46 31 368 40 00