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The Toolbox is used to create tailor-made activities for a specific meeting. Activities that contribute to your organisation’s long-term goals. It also consists of concepts, developed by local stakeholders and cases to be inspired by. The Toolbox is used in the Method, but also for tactical activities to create short to medium-term impact. Gothenburg Convention Bureau assists you with ideas and connects you with relevant stakeholders. 

Create tailor-made activities. Contact us for help creating effects that are consistent with the planned impact of the meeting  

Connect with local stakeholders. Contact us and we will connect you with the stakeholders you need. 

Legacy guide with our framework  

Gothenburg Convention Bureau has produced a guide on how meetings can be used to meet societal challenges and create long-term effects. The guide is for meeting organizers and associations who are interested in working strategically with long-term effects, also known as legacy. Fill in the form to order our guide here.

Finance impact related costs 

How can an organizer finance activity in connection with an impact process? An effort may also need funding to measure outcomes and impact. An impact process is a part of the meeting’s sustainability work and thus it is possible to apply for various sustainability grants. Göteborg & Co is also an actor that in some cases provides support for sustainability projects in connection with meetings. Göteborg & Co can also guide meetings to other funding opportunities such as local and national foundations and government announcements. Another possibility is to involve the industry in its own area to get help to cover costs for activities and evaluations. 


Local Competence Development – Medical Meetings

International medical congresses in the home area are considered an opportunity for further education for the approximately 48,000 employees working in the public healthcare sector in the Gothenburg Region. A procedure encouraging healthcare professionals to participate in medical congresses taking place in Gothenburg, contributes to competence development, resulting in better care and outcomes for patients. At the same time, it contributes to higher delegate numbers and economic sustainability for the association.

Public Outreach

Public and media awareness rise when taking your research outside the congress venue. Achieve it through, for example, campaigns, public lectures, visits to schools and universities, and utilising existing events.

Universeum – sustainable cooking

The Science Center Universeum offers “try and learn” concept about sustainable cooking. The idea is to inspire to sustainable cooking. The different concepts include new ways to use of the entire raw material, even the part that usually ends up in the compost. They show and use new raw materials that live and grow under the sea surface. These concepts convey knowledge through short lectures to show new ways of making use of protein other than what we normally associate with food. Together with researchers and innovative chefs, the group gets ideas and knowledge about the sustainable cooking of the future.

Ideas and examples of activities:

  • Activities for one or many small groups. Start with short lecture on sustainable fishing, which turns into conversation and questioning. Researchers from the University of Gothenburg, entrepreneurs in oyster and mussel farming and companies that harvest seaweed. In the concept, we do tastings of alternative food.
  • Smaller dinner concept for several groups at the same time. Conversation while tasting seafood and insects. Universeum prepare Street Food dinner that can be eaten in different places in the house. The venue opens the science center for inspiration both in terms of knowledge and curious cooking.

Initiative to invest in a sustainable aviation development

This climate reduction concept opens up for investing in sustainable aviation fuel and research and market development. Instead of climate offsetting in different climate compensation projects, a suggestion is to invest in actual climate reduction through buying sustainable aviation fuel.

We do this together with Fly Green Fund and we would be happy to assist you. This is a short description of the concept:

  1. Choose strategy:
    a) Full reduction – estimate the number of kilometers flying and fully compensate.
    b) Part reduction – set a price on carbon emissions and calculate/estimate emissions.
    c) Fixed amount/cost per flight category – domestic, within Europe, worldwide.
  2. Calculate the emission of delegates flying to the congress. A rough assumption is better than nothing.
    a) Map/identify flights of delegates – routes and number of flights.
    b) If you don’t know the exact route, calculate from the capital of the country to Gothenburg. Example calculators:
    c) Or – Map/identify where delegates come from and estimate flights per category – domestic, within Europe, worldwide.
  3. Set your “carbon price”.
    a) The City of Gothenburg has an internal price on greenhouse gases: 1,5 SEK per kg COx
    b) Or – Set a price on flight categories. Example: domestic – 150 SEK, within Europe – 300 SEK, worldwide – 600 SEK.
  4. Calculate your climate reduction contribution.
    a) Amount of emissions x carbon price
    b) number of flights per category x category price

International Science Festival Gothenburg

The science festival is a meeting place for knowledge, inspiration, and new perspectives. For just over a week each year, science is presented in creative and unexpected ways. The target groups for the festival are primarily primary school students and primary school teachers in Sweden. If a scientific congress wants to reach out to students or teachers, it is possible to invite the Science Festival’s visitors to a public lecture or workshop in connection with the congress. This is a unique opportunity to spread knowledge about the latest research and at the same time inspire career choices.

The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation

Become a “coast rescuer”!

Save the ocean by picking up trash along the coast, at a lake or other watercourse. This activity can activate all sizes of meetings and other types of events. The participants are transported to a place by the water to contribute to nature.

In connection with the activity, all participants get to take part in a theory lesson that provides knowledge about the litter connected to seas, lakes, and rivers.

All participants can join the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation. When you join and register, you stay up to date on what opportunities there are to make a difference and keep Sweden clean.

Clean and collect important data about litter in birdhouses!

As spring approaches and nature slowly begins to come to life. The birds are starting to get ready to nest and lay eggs – and of course we hope that they can be met by litter-free bird nests and nest boxes.

Together with BirdLife Sweden, Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation has therefore started a project which is partly about cleaning and preparing bird nests before the birds’ nesting season, and partly investigating whether and, if so, what type of rubbish is in the nests.

By enlisting the help of all bird enthusiasts around the country, we hope to get a picture of how widespread it is with litter in birdhouses. You can help us collect important data!

In connection with the activity, all participants get to take part in a theory lesson that provides knowledge about the litter connected to bird life.

All participants can join the organization Keep Sweden Clean. When you join and register, you stay up to date on what opportunities there are to make a difference and keep Sweden clean.

Magnet fishing

Do you want to contribute by picking rubbish from the bottom of our rivers and lakes? The activity enables all sizes of meetings. With the help of magnetic fishing equipment, a meeting can involve all the participants at the same time, or alternately in smaller groups. Together, the participants can clear selected places of scrap metal. In addition, the activity helps increase knowledge about how much trash is under the surface, what type of trash it is and where it comes from. In this way, we get clues about what measures are needed to reduce the litter!

In connection with the activity, all participants get to take part in a theory lesson that provides knowledge about the rubbish that lies beneath the surface.

All participants can join the organization Keep Sweden Clean. When you join and register, you stay up to date on what opportunities there are to make a difference and keep Sweden clean.

Delegates at the ESOC 2018 Conference were invited to run in the region’s main healthcare provider’s dedicated starting group in the annual Gothenburg Half Marathon: Run FAST Against Stroke, with the connection of running as a method to prevent stroke.

Case Studies

Get inspired by some of the success stories from Gothenburg with several examples of the concepts and activities that can be applied to meetings to create a positive impact.

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