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Community Support

A meeting can easily contribute to a good cause and a sustainable host community. Gothenburg Convention Bureau connects you with non-profit organisations or a social enterprise of your choice. Volunteering opportunities for delegates are also available.

Non-profit organisations – examples

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital raises money to improve life quality and wellbeing for children, young people, and their families at Sweden’s largest children’s hospital. They contribute with items, activities, and experiences to allow the children in hospital care to focus on having fun; and bring new strengths and joy during times of struggle.

Ideas and examples of activities during the European Championships in Equestrian Sports

  • Families with a child in hospital care had the opportunity to visit the Championships. The event mascot – the mini pony Anton – visited the children, unable to leave the hospital, in the hospital garden.
  • Some event partners and sponsors ran a popular fundraising activity. They also matched the result with a donation of the corresponding amount.
  • Fundraising auctions were held in collaboration with Göteborgs Auktionsverk.

The Rescue Mission

The Rescue Mission is a non-profit organisation conducting broad social work with a Christian foundation. Their vision is “A worthy life for all”.

People on the outskirts of society receive help on their own terms, with emergency efforts and long-term relationships to create a long-term change. Housing activities, children’s camps and holiday activities, women’s protection and empowerment activities, and on-the-job training are just some of the efforts made. Highlighting circumstances that lead to, or aggravate, vulnerability and exclusion in society and managing counteracting activities also help make Gothenburg a more humane city. 

Ideas and examples of activities

  • Donate excess food to the Rescue Mission’s operations.
  • Donate gifts organised by the association, e.g. clothing packages, lunch boxes, and Christmas gifts.
  • Raise money for job training and homework help, support calls, and summer camp activities.

Gothenburg City Mission

Gothenburg City Mission offers emergency help and long-term support for people living in homelessness, poverty, and social vulnerability. They are a politically independent, non-profit organisation, protecting the equal value of all people, regardless of life situation.

Ideas and examples of activities

  • Donate clothes or other items. Used clothing and items help people in need and reduce the impact on environmental resources. And it creates work opportunities.
  • Fundraise to contribute to the Gothenburg City Mission’s open operations.
  • Donate gifts to families with children and others living on small funds. The Christmas gift tram is, for example, an annual activity spreading joy throughout the city. 
  • Order climate-smart catering; sandwiches and lunches prepared from rescued fresh produce.
  • Rent a conference room. Two rooms, seating 60 and 16 people, are available.

Parks and Landscape Administration

Help clean up the environment. The City of Gothenburg runs several initiatives, for example, “Take care of Gothenburg – Throw your litter in a bin”, to make it easier for us all to contribute to a cleaner world.

The City of Gothenburg is a member of Keep Sweden Tidy, a non-profit organisation promoting recycling and combating litter through public awareness campaigns, awards, and environmental education. The foundation strives to influence people’s attitudes and behaviour to encourage sustainable development.

Ideas and examples of activities

  • Volunteer to clean up public spaces and become a city hero or coastal saviour. The Parks and Landscape Administration contributes with cleaning materials, e.g. garbage bags and gloves, and collects the garbage.
  • Create a Plogging event. Plogging is an increasingly popular movement where you pick garbage while jogging.

El Sistema’s Friends in Gothenburg

El Sistema uses music to create a positive social change in children’s lives. Their goal is to break alienation and include children and young people in meaningful contexts. The non-profit friend association supports the development of El Sistema, thereby contributing to a socially sustainable society, strengthening democracy and increasing integration.

Today, El Sistema teaches around 1,600 children a variety of instruments. The international music camp “Side by Side” gather children and young people from all over the world during some intense summer days to play in an orchestra and sing in a choir with well-known conductors, musicians, and educators. Magnificent concerts, where the children play side-by-side with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble, conclude the camp.

Ideas and examples of activities

  • Hold an El Sistema concert at your meetings or events.
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