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The Toolbox is used to create tailor-made activities for a specific meeting. Activities that contribute to your organisation’s long-term goals. It also consists of concepts, developed by local stakeholders and cases to be inspired by. The Toolbox is used in the Programme, but also for tactical activities to create short to medium-term impact. Gothenburg Convention Bureau assists you with ideas and connects you with relevant stakeholders. 


Local Competence Development – Medical Meetings

International medical congresses in the home area are considered an opportunity for further education for the approximately 48,000 employees working in the public healthcare sector in the Gothenburg Region. A procedure encouraging healthcare professionals to participate in medical congresses taking place in Gothenburg, contributes to competence development, resulting in better care and outcomes for patients. At the same time, it contributes to higher delegate numbers and economic sustainability for the association.

Public Outreach

Public and media awareness rise when taking your research outside the congress venue. Achieve it through, for example, campaigns, public lectures, visits to schools and universities, and utilising existing events.

Delegates at the ESOC 2018 Conference were invited to run in the region’s main healthcare provider’s dedicated starting group in the annual Gothenburg Half Marathon: Run FAST Against Stroke, with the connection of running as a method to prevent stroke.

Case Studies

Get inspired by some of the success stories from Gothenburg with several examples of the concepts and activities that can be applied to meetings to create a positive impact.

Gothenburg Way to Legacy model
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