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Community Support for events

An event can can make a positive impression in the local community. Göteborg & Co mediates contact with non-profit organizations and companies with great social responsibility.

Examples of non-profit organizations

The Foundation for Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital

For children, young people and their families at Sweden’s largest children’s hospital. They contribute toys, activities and experiences to allow children in hospital to focus on having fun and to bring new strength and joy during a difficult period.

Ideas and examples of activities during the Equestarian European Championship:

  • Families with children in the hospital had the opportunity to visit the championships. The event mascot – the mini pony Anton – visited the children who could not leave the hospital, in the hospital’s garden.
  • Some event partners and sponsors ran a popular fundraising activity. They also matched the funds raised with a matching donation.
  • Fundraising auctions were carried out in collaboration with Gothenburg’s Auktionsverk.

The Rescue Mission

The rescue mission is a non-profit organization that carries out broad social work with Christian values. The vision is “A dignified life for all”.

People on the fringes of society receive help on their own terms, with urgent interventions and long-term relationships to create long-term change. The work involves, among other things, providing accommodation, holiday activities and camp activities for children, activities to increase women’s protection and empowerment and job training. The organization also highlights circumstances that lead to or worsen vulnerability and exclusion in society and conducts activities to make Gothenburg a more humane city.

Ideas and examples of activities:

  • Donate surplus food to the Rescue Mission’s operations.
  • Donate gifts organized by the association, e.g. clothing packages, lunch packages and Christmas presents.
  • Collect money for job training, homework help, support calls and summer camp activities.

Gothenburg City Mission

Gothenburg City Mission offers emergency help and long-term support to people living in homelessness, poverty and social vulnerability. This politically independent, non-profit organization upholds the equal value of all people, regardless of their life situation.

The mission offers food, clothing and hygiene items as well as individual support and help on the way to own housing and a more stable financial situation. Children are offered free leisure and holiday activities. People with substance abuse problems and mental illness may, among other things, access to detoxification and withdrawal treatment, drug-free accommodation with support and evidence-based conversational methods.

Ideas and examples of activities:

  • Donate clothes or other items.
  • Collection for Gothenburg City Mission’s outreach activities.
  • Donate gifts to families with children and others living on limited budgets.
  • Provide climate-smart catering, such as sandwiches and lunches made from donated fresh produce.

Stadsmiljöförvaltningen (Urban Environment Administration)

The City of Gothenburg runs several initiatives to improve the environment, such as “Take care of Gothenburg – throw your rubbish in a bin”, which makes it easier for everyone to contribute to a cleaner world. The City of Gothenburg is a member of “Håll Sverige Rent”, a non-profit organization that promotes recycling and combats littering through information campaigns, prizes and environmental education. The foundation strives to influence people’s attitudes and behavior to encourage sustainable development.

Ideas and examples of activities:

  • Make a difference as a volunteer and become a city hero or a coastal protector by cleaning public spaces. The Parks and Landscape Administration contributes cleaning materials including garbage bags and gloves and collects the collected trash.
  • Arrange a “plogging event”. Plogging is an increasingly popular activity that involves picking up litter while jogging.

Friends of El Sistema

El Sistema uses music to create positive social change in children’s lives. The goal is to put an end to alienation and to include children and young people in meaningful contexts. The non-profit association El Sistema’s friends supports the development of El Sistema and thereby contributes to a socially sustainable society, strengthens democracy and increases integration. Today, El Sistema teaches about 1,600 children a variety of instruments. The international summer music camp “Side by Side” gathers children and young people from all over the world to play in an orchestra and sing in a choir with famous conductors, musicians and educators. The camp ends with grand concerts, where the children play together with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony and the Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble.

Ideas and examples of activities:

  • Host a concert with El Sistema at your event or meeting.

Sara Ohlsson

Project Assistant
+46 722 25 07 90