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Category: Gothenburg 400 years 2021

Follow us on a journey through time

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2021-08-27

The new book Gothenburg 400 takes readers on a journey through time spanning 400 years – from the city’s founding…

School students will become Future Ambassadors

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2019-12-09

The Future Ambassadors initiative has begun! More school students will leave compulsory school with passing grades. Students will also test…


Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2019-10-02

On 14–22 September, Gothenburg and West Sweden celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Around 60 organisations arranged…

This year’s Knowledge and Enlightenment focus theme is lead by Göteborg & Co. Hello Eva Henricsson!

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2019-03-20

The Knowledge and Enlightenment focus year is part of Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary celebrations. During the year, central focus will be…

Success for new ferry route between Stenpiren and Hönö Klåva

Destination · 2018-08-23

Things have gone swimmingly for Styrsöbolaget’s new ferry service between Stenpiren in central Gothenburg and the island Hönö Klåva in…

The Anniversary Pavilion during Gothenburg Culture Festival

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2018-08-20

The Anniversary Pavilion opened to the public during the Gothenburg Culture Festival on the 14th to the 19th of August.…

New ferry route between Stenpiren and Hönö Klåva

Destination · 2018-06-27

The 26th of June saw the launch of the new archipelago ferry service between Stenpiren and the island Hönö Klåva…

Dance and exercise sessions opened the Kvillestråket walking route and Backaplan dance platform

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2018-06-04

“When Gothenburg’s residents were asked what change they wanted in Gothenburg to mark the 400th anniversary, many asked for more…

Painting the world’s longest art trail in Gothenburg

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2018-05-30

Twelve artworks will be painted on building façades along a 21-kilometre art trail stretching from Blå Stället cultural centre in…

A book for all preschool children

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2018-05-23

In spring 2018, all preschool children in Gothenburg were given a copy of Anna Bengtsson’s book “Farfars mammas soffa” (Great-grandma’s…

Hundreds of people gathered to kick off Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary preparations

Gothenburg 400 years 2021 · 2018-04-27

With three years to go until Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary, partners from industry, associations, organisations, academia and municipal and regional administrations…

New ferry service between Stenpiren and Hönö Klåva

Destination · 2018-04-23

Between the 26th of June and the 19th of August, four daily ferry trips will run from Stenpiren to the…