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WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award

WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award is an international prize that is awarded to highlight contributions to sustainable development. The prizewinners are important role models who have each turned words into action.

Biosalong upplyst med blått dovt ljus, på filmduken synt ordet WIN upprepade gånger

The prize of SEK 1,000,000 recognises the importance of this goal and what can be achieved in the battle for a brighter future.

The award may be given to an individual or organisation that has contributed to:

  • Conserving resources and/or furthering renewable raw materials or ecological solutions.
  • The solution to a problem (area) that can lead to a technological breakthrough or “system change”.
  • Driving a process that has been important for the Göteborg region as well as in a larger perspective.
  • Development towards greater global justice.

Hosting an event such as the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award naturally makes it important to practise what you preach. The prize has been given an environmental diploma and follows ecological, social and economically sustainable principles. These include only serving seasonal vegetarian meals during the event.