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Raising public awareness about healthy ageing

In 2019, AgeCap placed emphasis on aging and ageism throughout Gothenburg and Western Sweden. In conjunction with hosting a congress on gerontology and geriatrics, exhibitions and seminars were organized to educate the public about aging.

In 2019, AgeCap hosted the European Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG-ER) 2019, a conference on the study of aging processes and medical specialties focusing on the diagnosis and care of the elderly. In May, approximately 1,500 aging researchers from around the world came to Gothenburg to participate in the congress.

AgeCap, Centre for Ageing and Health at the University of Gothenburg, spreads and utilises research results to increase the life quality for older persons. Their vision is an inclusive society where ageing is valued for potentials and older adults are respected – a society that enables us to be active agents in our own lives, independent of age and other factors.

Centre for Ageing and Health, University of Gothenburg (

Public Awareness and Local Competence Development

In 2019 As local host of the European Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, IAGG-ER, in 2019, AgeCap wished to focus on healthy ageing in Gothenburg and West Sweden and educating the public to counteract ageism. Also, to give prominence to their centre, showcase research associated with the centre and Swedish and Nordic research in general.

Årsrika photo exhibition was showcased in a centrally located park, as part of the public programme.

Gothenburg Convention Bureau met with IAGG-ER Secretary-General and AgeCap to discuss, and share experiences, how they could ensure that the congress would contribute to AgeCap’s vision. The Executive Committee decided on a goal to bring the surrounding world into the congress, and the congress topic to the public. A second meeting took place, to continue the discussions on community and media engagement. At the debrief, all stakeholders concluded the goal was reached. A second follow-up will take place in 2022.

The City of Gothenburg, City of Varberg and Region Västra Götaland sponsored day tickets for employees working in elderly care. This was done for competence development purposes, to improve care and patient experiences and outcomes.

Examples of activities during the congress:

  • The Årsrika photo exhibition to influence and widen the current, narrow view of the older generation at the city library, in two city parks and some of the suburbs of Gothenburg.
  • Free public seminar on ageing and ageism at the city library.
  • The Carin Mannheimer Award ceremony at the city library, awarding young researchers in ageing research.
  • An older adults’ and a children’s choir performed in the exhibition and poster hall to bring the surrounding world into the congress.
The older adults’ choir performing with a children’s choir in the exhibition hall.

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