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SKF welcomed international students to the headquarters

On April 10th, SKF welcomed international students from various fields at Chalmers University of Technology to their headquarters in Gamlestaden. The students received valuable information about SKF’s Global Graduate Program and an exclusive tour of one of the factories. The company visit was arranged by Unimeet Gothenburg with the aim of offering participants a unique opportunity to learn more about the industry and expand their professional network.

International students visiting SKF in Gamlestaden. Photo: Alexsandra Flinck

Around twenty international students in various fields including Mobility Engineering and Product Development at Chalmers University of Technology had the opportunity to join Unimeet Gothenburg for a visit to SKF’s headquarters and factory in Gamlestaden. It was a unique opportunity for the students to explore the company’s various industries, business functions, and receive information about applications that SKF offers. 

Representatives from SKF’s Global Graduate Program, Aisyah Azmi, Mayara Chinaglia and Carlos Heredia Alcaraz, provided students with insights and information about the company and the program. They also shared their experiences from their choice of studies in Sweden to their journey into SKF and gave the students valuable tips and tricks for navigating the Swedish job market.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to accompany Lars Werner, Visitor Guide, on an exclusive tour of one of SKF’s factories. There, they gained valuable insights into the company’s automation of manufacturing processes and saw various robots in action, including self-driving forklifts. At one point Lars exclaimed “Here comes Lady Gaga!” with a big smile on his face and explained that many of the forklifts have been given funny names.

Yuan Wei, studying master in Complex adaptive systems at Chalmers University of Technology. Photo: Alexsandra Flinck

Yuan Wei, one of the participants, found it very interesting to enter the factory and see how everything works automatically. Yuan got the impression that SKF takes good care of its employees, and he is interested in applying to SKF’s Global Graduate Program.

“They have provided us with lots of good insights and told us what they really think about being employed by SKF and what it means to have a job in Sweden. I have learned about the SKF’s Global Graduate Program and once you get involved with that it comes with lots of benefits. I certainly would like to apply for that when in my graduating year. Now I know about it which is super helpful”, says Yuan Wei, who is studying a master’s in Complex adaptive systems at Chalmers University of Technology.

Unimeet Gothenburg’s ambition in organizing company visits for international students and researchers is to, together with the companies and employers in the Gothenburg region, showcase the city as an attractive workplace and attract future international talents to stay in Gothenburg after completing their studies.

Unimeet Gothenburg is a collaboration between the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology, and The Trade & Industry Group at Göteborg & Co, aimed at strengthening the exchange between the universities’ international students and researchers and the business community, creating cultural and social meeting places, as well as networking opportunities.