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Record year for Skarpt Läge’s job and skills fair

For 10 years, Skarpt Läge has contributed to skills supply and facilitated the employment of young adults aged 16–30 by organizing a job and skills fair that connect young talents with employers. This year’s fair took place on March 5th at the Göteborg Opera and achieved record numbers as 1311 job seekers gathered to meet a wide range of employers offering over 1600 job opportunities.

Skarpt Läge’s job fair at the Göteborg Opera on March 5th. Photo: Alexsandra Flinck

“Through Skarpt Läge, we have worked intensively over the past 10 years to build bridges between young talents and employers. Our fair is not just a place for job seekers, but an opportunity for companies to find and invest in future skills. We are proud of our work in promoting skills supply and creating real opportunities for young people to enter the working life. This year’s edition not only marks a decade of good results and synergies for the county’s youth but also a promise of continued growth and development for both individuals and businesses,” says Fredrik Karlsson, founder and initiator of the Skarpt Läge association.

On the 5th of March, the foyer of the Göteborg Opera was filled with 1311 job-seeking young adults aged 16–30, armed with their CVs, ready to explore various sectors, gain inspiration, and find the perfect match for their skills and interests. The increasing interest from participants indicates the youth’s need to explore different career opportunities. Present to meet all the job seekers were 37 exhibiting companies from the Gothenburg region, ready to offer over 1600 positions.

Skarpt Läge’s job and skills fair continue to attract many sectors within the hospitality industry and logistics. There was also increased interest from industries within the technology sector, sustainability, life sciences, and digital innovation to participate in the fair. This reflects the evolving job market and the demand for various skills.

AstraZeneca has long been following Skarpt Läge’s work and was one of the 37 exhibitors present to showcase their work in areas such as life science.

“We have been following the work that Skarpt Läge has done over the years and are impressed by the results. This is the first time we are participating, and as a major employer in Gothenburg, we want to contribute in the best possible way. We hope to inspire further education and we want to showcase the exciting work opportunities we offer in addition to the research area”, says Pär Linderum, Talent Acquisition Director at AstraZeneca.

Representatives from AstraZeneca, Pär Linderum, Talent Acquisition Director, Petra Hermansson, Early Talent Specialist, and Eleonor Ehrman, Talent Acquisition Partner, were eager to meet all the job seekers.

For 10 years, Skarpt Läge has worked to connect young talents with employers, contributing to thousands of young adults finding employment and information about higher education. Skarpt Läge’s job and skills fair offer a unique opportunity for both job seekers and employers to create meaningful connections for a sustainable future.

The Trade and Industry Group has been involved since the start of Skarpt Läge, in both the job and skills fair and the digital platform Jobbpoolen, which enables direct contact between job seekers and the business community. The group has also contributed to the CV cabin, which assists young adults in refining their resumes before meeting with employers, and Pepp and Prepp, whose purpose is to equip and support individuals from socially disadvantaged areas for the job market.