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NEXTAR Futureday – Together, we inspire the future stars of Sweden!

What are the various paths into working life, and what roles do individuals undertake within different professions? These are the questions that NEXTAR aims to address by hosting Futureday, a day for students to meet professionals from various fields and learn more about what it’s like to work across different industries.

NEXTAR Futureday, February 22nd at Scandic Rubinen. Photo: Alexsandra Flinck.

On February 22nd, The Trade and Industry Group participated together with Gothenburg’s Culture Festival at NEXTAR’s Futureday, which was organized for approximately 40 students from 5th grade at Bergsjöskolan.  

“This was a highly valuable meeting for us. The students gave input on which artists we should book, thus contributed to the programming of this year’s Culture Festival. Now we have plenty of new ideas for content that appeals to the younger audience, while at the same time we had the opportunity to show what it’s like to work at Gothenburg & Co,” says Jane Johnzon, Concept Development Officer, Gothenburg Culture Festival, Gothenburg & Co.  

The students were divided into smaller groups that rotated between different stations, where they had the opportunity to meet individuals from Scandic Hotels, Länsförsäkringar, Framtiden, IFK Göteborg, Morris Law, and Gothenburg & Co. The students could ask questions, learn about various career paths, and try out different tasks. By the Culture Festival station, students were able to give input on the program lineup and create their own personalized backstage passes, which gives them access to the backstage area at Kungstorget, during this year’s Culture Festival August 29th to September 1st, 2024.

Together with all participating industries, NEXTAR wants to inspire and motivate students to explore different career paths and discover their own interests and passions.

The Trade and Industry Group is a proud partner of NEXTAR, whose aim is to show young people the opportunities available in the workforce, encourage dreams, and help them understand the value of education.