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Women’s Handball World Championship: a catalyst for social responsibility, health, and gender equality

From December 1-11, Gothenburg welcomes the Women’s Handball World Championship, where Sweden’s matches will be played at the arena Scandinavium. We expect a lot of blue and yellow fans creating a festive atmosphere in the city, but also significant efforts to create opportunities for the youth and promote gender equality. Here, we highlight some examples of how the championship takes the next step for more sustainable major events.

Photo: Happy Visuals

Collaboration with the Childhood Cancer Foundation Barncancerfonden

Ahead of the Handball World Championship, the organizers have entered into a significant partnership with Barncancerfonden (Childhood Cancer Foundation) and have announced that for every ticket sold until December 11th, ten Swedish kronor will be donated to the foundation.

“To witness a child being affected by, for example, cancer is dreadful and should preferably never happen. For us, it is obvious to initiate this collaboration with Barncancerfonden. We are proud to be part of the fight against childhood cancer,” says Krister Bergström, CEO of the Handball World Championship 2023, in a press release.

In conjunction with the collaboration, an initiative is also underway for the championship’s volunteers. Nearly 500 volunteers participate in the “World Championship in Steps” – a challenge where they aim to walk as many steps as possible to collectively “walk around Earth in 14 days.” When the goal is achieved, the Handball World Championship will further support Barncancerfonden, something that is intended to motivate the volunteers for a good cause.

Investment in inclusion and equity

The Handball World Championship carries out the initiative “Hand the Ball” to promote handball among children and youth, especially in vulnerable areas. For several months, eight special World Championship days were organized in schools, where children participated in handball activities integrated with other subjects, and national team players visited schools to inspire the children. Each participating school received 100 tickets to the World Championship matches to further spread engagement in the sport and community. “Hand the Ball” has also been implemented at major events such as the Gothenburg Half Marathon and the 400th Anniversary, where children and youth have had the opportunity to try handball with trained instructors.

For gender equality

During the World Championship, the organization Redlocker has been appointed as the national supplier, which means that menstrual products will be available at the arena Scandinavium, and all players will receive a toiletry bag with menstrual protection.

“It is a collaboration we are proud of, and I am happy that we can provide everyone with the same conditions. For us, it is fantastic to make this possible, and it aligns with our sustainability work, our values, and the foundation of handball in being gender-equal.” says Hanna Fogelström, national team manager and former national team player in a press release.

Through these initiatives, the Handball World Championship has demonstrated that sports events can be much more than entertainment ; they are a catalyst for social responsibility, health, and gender equality.