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Gothenburg is developing emission-free events during Coldplay at Ullevi

During the concerts with Coldplay at Ullevi in July, visitors’ transport will be mapped and car travelers from the south will be offered free public transport for the last bit. All as a step in the City of Gothenburg’s work to reduce emissions in connection with major events, and reach emissions of carbon dioxide close to zero by 2030.

To develop the emission-free event project, car travelers from the south will be offered public transport between Mölndal and Ullevi.
Photo: Johan Wedenström

For six years in a row, Gothenburg has been foremost among sustainable destinations according to the Global Destination Sustainability Movement. Last winter, the project “Solutions for climate-smart events” started, which raises the city’s ambitions another step. The project includes solutions in the areas of goods, passenger transport, food, overnight stays and other energy-intensive resources.

“The overall goal is to reduce emissions in connection with events, fairs and meetings, as well as create conditions for the industry that contribute to both economic and social values. During the Coldplay concerts, tests are carried to follow up on how information and offers can influence visitors’ travel behavior and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. It is a step in developing effective tools for the hospitality industry’s sustainability work”, says Filip Eklund at Göteborg & Co.

Reduce, reinvent, restore

It is no coincidence that Coldplay’s four concerts at Ullevi were selected as test events. The British band’s world tour has become a platform to promote sustainable examples, green technologies and environmental commitment. By following the three principles “Reduce”, “Reinvent” and “Restore”, the band is close to reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 50% compared to previous tours.

Coldplay’s Ullevi concerts will have to answer a survey about how they get to Gothenburg and to the arena. Those arriving by car from the south are offered parking in Mölndal and free public transport to Ullevi.

“A prerequisite for more sustainable and climate-smart events is collaboration. The collaboration we have with Luger, Coldplay and local parties before the concerts at Ullevi is unique. In there is a power to use events to create change and shine a light on what is already being done. The hope is that we also encourage visitors to travel and consume more sustainably, and the goal is to set a new standard for sustainable events. This is in line with our and the city’s ambitions in climate work”, says Johanna Gadd at Got Event.

The project “Solutions for climate-smart events” which is mainly financed by Vinnova FFI (Vehicle Strategic Research and Innovation) is run by Göteborg & Co, Business Region Gothenburg, Got Event, the university of Gothenburg and RISE, which coordinates the project. It also involves a long list of partners such as Volvo Technology, Lugerinc, Liseberg, Göteborg Energi, VOI, Svenska Mässan, MTR Express, Nobina and Västtrafik.

A part of Gothenburg Green City Zone

The project is part of the Gothenburg Green City Zone initiative, which aims to test and scale up an emission-free transport system together with business, academia and institutes. Here, the event route is a priority area.

“We need to rethink, think anew and think together. Can we shorten the car journey, and switch to emission-free or public transport earlier? Relieve the local area around the arena both in terms of traffic, emissions, congestion and noise? Gothenburg must become climate neutral, and continue to be a major destination for events. This must be resolved. Therefore, we need to test a number of puzzle pieces on the road already now” says Jonas Eriksson at Business Region Gothenburg, operations manager for Gothenburg Green City Zone.

The project “Solutions for climate-smart events” develops and tests innovations that reduce emissions at various types of events. The project aims to create visibility for Swedish innovation in a way that benefits the Swedish hospitality industry and is part of the Gothenburg Green City Zone. It runs until 2025 and is financed by Vinnova.

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