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International students at P3 Guld Music Gala  

On January 27th over 100 international students within the Unimeet Gothenburg network got the opportunity to participate at the Swedish music gala P3 Guld at Partille Arena.  

P3 Guld 2023 Zara Larsson Photo: Mattias Ahlm/Sveriges Radio

P3 Guld music gala celebrates outstanding Swedish music with world-class musical performances by, for example, the renowned artist Zara Larsson, the masked duo Hooja, the punk rock band Viagra boys and the hip-hop matriarch Cleo. Unimeet Gothenburg made it possible for over 100 international students who recently moved to Gothenburg to be a part of this magical night.   

The students got the opportunity to have their pictures taken at the red carpet, get their hair and make-up done by a professional hairdresser and stylist, as well as attend the pre-party before the official award ceremony started. Helia Hajian who studies Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship at Handelshögskolan/University of Gothenburg shares her memories from the evening.  

“The Gala was my first experience of being in these kinds of shows and ceremonies. The first interesting part was the scene and how they managed and designed the scene for different shows quickly. The second interesting part was the participants’ styles. They were amazing and wonderful, particularly because I thought that Swedish people mostly wear simple clothes, so it was interesting to see people with such stylish clothes. And the host was an Iranian girl that was absorbing for me!” says Helia Hajian.   
The gala was broadcast live on both Swedish radio and television, a memory that we hope will last for all the participants!