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Invivopower is the winner of Innovationskraft

Invivopower is the first winner of the “Innovationskraft” competition, an initiative of Venture Cup and Företagarna together with Almi Företagspartner, Business Region Gothenburg and the Trade and Industry Group at Göteborg & Co.

“I was impressed by the innovation from the finalists of the competition. The large variety of ideas made the selection process exciting and challenging, but I am convinced that we have found a winner who both has a feasibility and will be of great benefit to society in the future”, says Kristin Mari Riera, project manager at the Trade and Industry Group, Göteborg & Co, and one of the jury members for the competition.

The innovation that will save patients with acute heart failure

Together with thoracic surgeons from Sahlgrenska University Hospital, the founders of Invivopower have developed a solution that will lead to the number of patients receiving an artificial heart exceeding the number of patients receiving heart transplants.

By operating a full artificial heart with a heart pump system completely wirelessly through the skin, the solution can be on the shelf in the operating room even before the heart failure has occurred, which would benefit not only the individual and society but also the heavily burdened healthcare system – something that may be needed now more than ever.

Bengt Bern is the founder of Invivopower and together with his colleagues he received the award during a smaller variant of an award ceremony considering the current pandemic.

“It feels fantastic to win this competition together with my team and this victory goes to both the surgeons at Sahlgrenska who have helped us a lot and the engineers who have worked hard with the technology. We really appreciate that”, says Bengt Bern.

In addition to the honor, Invivopower also won Sa prize of 50 000 SEK.

“We have chosen to run this company very lean so this money will come in handy. We intend to participate in a number of scientific conferences, and this will be enough to market us this autumn, hopefully when the pandemic is under control”, says Bengt Bern.

Read more about Innovationskraft here (in Swedish).