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Unimeet Gothenburg welcomed new international students and researchers digitally

On the 14th of October from 5.30 pm to 7 pm, Unimeet Gothenburg arranged its yearly welcome evening for new international students and researchers at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. Participants were treated to a digital welcome with panel discussions, film presentations, quiz and more surprises that filled the evening.

The welcome evening broadcasted live from Gothia Studio – Gothia Towers on October 14th.

Why should you choose Gothenburg? What is it like to study or work in Sweden? What are the strangest things Swedes do? What do you think about the coffee culture? These were some examples of the topics raised during the discussion panels with international students and researchers currently studying or working in Gothenburg.

Aiming to present and interact about the life in Gothenburg, the evening also offered film presentations of international students and researchers favorite tips, humor clips about Swedish habits and a quiz with great prizes.

“Studying at Chalmers and Gothenburg was a perfect combination for me. Since I am more of an outdoor person who enjoys exploring nature or mountain biking, Gothenburg is an ideal compact city with nature in its backyard and I’m very happy that this city chose me”, says Sachit Kumar from India.

Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Gothenburg and the Trade and Industry Group at Göteborg & Co have arranged since 2006 a welcome ceremony and diverse activities for national and international students under the name Student Gothenburg. With the need to also welcome international researchers to Gothenburg, Unimeet Gothenburg was created in 2020, aiming to strengthen Gothenburg’s opportunities to compete as an international city of knowledge.

“I really liked it. The whole event is very well organized and gives you a taste of Gothenburg. I think it’s important for everyone to get and introduction and interact, especially right now when students can feel lonelier because of the pandemic. It’s also good to learn about typical Swedish behaviors, what is important to know about Sweden and Gothenburg. I’m happy that Unimeet Gothenburg organizes events and activities in different forms, find ambassadors and let students connect with organizations. At the end it’s for the wellbeing of the students and researchers”, says Anali Guzman Molina from Dominican Republic.

The live broadcast from Gothia Studio – Gothia Towers had viewers from all over the world, such as Germany and China, including Mozambique, Malta, India and France, who have all chosen to study or do research in Gothenburg. Are you interested in watching Unimeet Gothenburg’s welcome evening again? The whole recording is available here: